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Open-Fire Policy

Israel has killed thousands of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories over the years, ostensibly acting in accordance with the limitations the military’s open-fire regulations and international humanitarian law impose on the use of gunfire. But this is no more than a semblance of legality. Gunfire is also used in many other cases, with backing from the government, the courts and the military. This policy reflects deep disregard for Palestinian lives and property and enables the continued use of lethal force, crucial to enabling Israel to retain its violent control over millions of Palestinians.

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Israeli soldiers beat and kill Yasin a-Saradih after he attempts assault, Jericho, 22 Feb. 2018

On the night of 22 February 2018, some 20 Israeli soldiers entered Jericho, going into the city center. During clashes that ensued there, Yasin a-Saradih (35) attempted to assault them with a metal bar. CCTV footage shows one soldier shooting him at…

Getting Off Scot-Free

Over the past twenty years, Israel has taken measures to guarantee a nearly blanket exemption from its obligation under international law to pay compensation to Palestinians harmed by its security forces. In a new report released today (Wed., 8…

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