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Demolition for Alleged Military Necessity

Over the years, Israel has demolished hundreds of homes and destroyed hundreds of hectares of farmland, claiming it necessary “for military purposes”. The policy was used primarily in the Gaza Strip during the second intifada and the rounds of fighting since, allegedly to create “security zones” around Israeli settlements and military posts (before the Disengagement Plan was implemented), and near the border (after Disengagement). It is an unlawful policy which has disastrous long-term effects for thousands of Palestinians who were made homeless or lost their sole source of income.  

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Military training in South Hebron Hills, 2-3 Feb. 2021

Yesterday, 2 February 2021, at midday, four busloads of soldiers and dozens of military vehicles, including tanks and armored personnel carriers, arrived and parked on the border of “Firing Zone 918.” The next day, at around 1:00​ A.M., the forces…

Guidelines for Israel's Investigation into Operation Cast Lead

B'Tselem issued a position paper detailing the guidelines of the necessary Israeli investigation of its conduct during the operation in Gaza. B'Tselem's initial survey of the military operation calls into question Israeli statements that the…