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From 1967 through 2016, over 200 Israeli settlements were established in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem); their current population is almost 600,000. Settlements impinge on Palestinian human rights throughout the West Bank as their influence far exceeds the boundaries of the lands seized to build them: checkpoints that limit Palestinian movement are erected based on where there are settlements; Palestinian are denied access to farmland near settlements; the route of the Separation Barrier was placed inside the West Bank so as to leave as many settlements as possible to the west of it.


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Har Bracha settlers propel burning tires downhill, aiming at a Palestinian home, 5 February 2018

On 5 February 2018, at around 5:00 P.M, Basemah Ziben (59) noticed several settlers riding bicycles about 300 meters from her home. A few minutes later she heard stones hitting the walls of her home, whose windows are covered in metal bars to shield…

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The occupation is 49 years old. That’s 17,898 days. International law defines occupation as a temporary situation, but after nearly 50 years the reality in the West Bank and Gaza can no longer be considered temporary. It is unreasonable to keep…

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