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The Supreme Court of the Occupation

When it comes to violation of Palestinians’ rights, Israel’s Supreme Court neither holds effective judicial review nor keeps the security forces in check. It is willing to sanction almost any injustice based on unreasonable legal interpretation, and systemically ignores the context: that the appellants come from an unrepresented population governed by a strict military regime for more than 50 years, denied political rights and excluded from basic decision-making. The court thereby sanctions not only violations – but the occupation itself.

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Israel demolishes seven structures with High Court approval: Twenty people lose their homes in Khirbet al-Markez, South Hebron Hills, 2 December 2021

On Thursday, 2 December 2021, at around 9:00 A.M., Civil Administration personnel accompanied by soldiers and equipped with a bulldozer arrived at Khirbet al-Markaz in the area of Masafer Yatta, in the South Hebron Hills. The forces demolished four…

The Israeli Attorney General’s memorandum

B’Tselem’s analysis finds AG’s claims, that the ICC has no jurisdiction in Palestine, rely on intentional misquotation, disregard for international law and an absurd misrepresentation of reality. Contrary to the AG’s position, the ICC has…