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State-Backed Settler Violence

Settler violence has long since become part of Palestinians’ daily life under occupation. Israeli security forces enable these actions, which result in Palestinians casualties – injuries and fatalities – as well as damage to land and property. In some cases, they even serve as an armed escort, or even join in the attacks. Investigations, if even opened, are usually closed with no action taken against perpetrators as part of an undeclared policy of leniency. The long-term effect of this violence is the dispossession of Palestinians from increasing parts of the West Bank, making it easier for Israel to take over land and resources.


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Khallet a-Natash, east of Hebron: Settlers continue to stone Palestinian home

For three days, from 16 to 18 January 2021, settlers repeatedly attacked the home of Rajaai Idris (37), his wife ‘Aishah Tarif-Idris (36) and their six children in the neighborhood of Khallet a-Natash, east of Hebron. The settlers, some of whom were…

This Is Ours – And This, Too

The report by B’Tselem and Kerem Navot exposes the mechanisms Israel uses to encourage its citizens to move into the occupied territory. The report also reviews developments on the ground over the last decade, focusing on the spatial impact of the…