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From the field


Conquer and Divide: Interactive map illustrateing the measures Israel has used to encroach upon Palestinian space

A collaboration with independent research agency Forensic Architecture, the project illustrates the various measures Israel has used to encroach upon Palestinian space over the decades; how Israel has shattered the land into small, isolated units; and how it has instituted divisions, keeping Palestinians from different areas apart from one another and from Israelis.

Interactive map – The West Bank and The Gaza Strip

This complete, interactive map of the West Bank and Gaza includes information about Palestinian communities and Israeli settlements, checkpoints, the separation barrier, agricultural gates in the separation barrier, settlement zones in East Jerusalem, etc. Plus ongoing B’Tselem reports and video clips, organized by location.

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Map of Hebron City Center, September 2019

Israeli settlements and restrictions on Palestinian movement imposed by the Israeli Military in area H2 in Hebron

Map of the West Bank, Settlements and the Separation Barrier, Nov. 2014

This comprehensive map depicts the updated route of the separation barrier, checkpoints, Palestinian localities, and settlements and settlement outposts in the West Bank.