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From the field


Archive: Map of the Separation Barrier in the West Bank

Map of the route approved by the Israeli government on April 30 2006. More on the topic


Map of the South Hebron Hills, August 2013

The map shows the Palestinian villages and the Jewish settlements in the southern West Bank. The area marked in red is home to about 1,000 Palestinians, who live in caves and maintain a traditional lifestyle. In the 1970s this are was declared by the Israeli military commander a "closed military area,". Since 1999, Israel has been trying to expel the inhabitants. More on the topic.

Settlement bloc south of Bethlehem

Built-up area expansion 2010-2019

Archive: Map of Gaza before the "Disengagement", March 2005

The map depicts Israeli settlement blocks in the Gaza Strip before the implementation of Israel’s disengagement plan in Aug 2005. More on the topic