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From the field

The South Hebron Hills

Israeli policy threatens the existence of some 30 Palestinian villages in the South Hebron Hills. These are home to some 4,000 residents who mostly subsist on farming and shepherding. The policy is manifested in a near complete ban on construction, repeated demolitions of homes, roads and water cisterns, violence by security forces and non-enforcement against settler violence. This is all part of Israel’s longstanding policy of using the West Bank for its own needs and establishing facts on the ground to facilitate annexation.

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Israeli military again destroys roads to Masafer Yatta communities and water pipe serving one

On Wednesday, 9 June 2021, at around 8:00 A.M., soldiers came with a D9 bulldozer to the Masafer Yatta area in the South Hebron Hills. The forces destroyed a 500-meter-long section of road leading to the community of She’b al-Batum, some of which…

Acting the Landlord

60% of the West Bank is designated Area C, under exclusive Israeli control. It is home to 180,000 Palestinians and includes most West Bank land reserves. Israel, citing “state lands” or “firing zones”, largely prohibits Palestinian construction.…