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The killing of the two teens in Bitunya: Uncut footage

For technical reasons, only brief segments of the footage of the gunfire incident in Bitunya were aired in the media and posted on our website. Two teenagers were killed by live ammunition in the incident: Nadim Siyam Nawarah, 17 of the village of al-Mazra'ah al-Qibliyah and Muhammad Mahmoud Salameh Abu Daher, 17, of Ramallah. Two other individuals were injured. B’Tselem is in the process of uploading the full eleven hours of raw, uncut video footage to its YouTube channel. B’Tselem welcomes all to view the full footage which clearly establishes its authenticity and validity. The full footage from two of the four surveillance cameras is already available for viewing:

Camera 1:

Camera 2:

Since 2012, Israeli security forces have killed 45 Palestinians in the West Bank, in 36 separate incidents. To the best of B’Tselem’s knowledge, the Military Police launched investigations into 20 of the incidents; the Department for the Investigation of Police (DIP) launched one investigation and the Israel Police two. To date, only one indictment has been served, against a soldier. In six of the cases, the investigation file was closed. With regard to the rest of the incidents, investigation is still under way, or the MAG has not yet decided whether to serve an indictment or close the case file.

A system of investigation that results in virtually no indictments for killing Palestinians is hardly a deterrent and conveys disregard for human life.

It can only be hoped that the exceptional attention paid to the footage from Bitunya will result in a swift and efficient investigation of the incident.