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International Human Rights Day: The year in images as seen on our photo blog Eyes Wide Open

December 2014

International Human Rights is observed today, 10 December. We’d like to take this opportunity to take a look at the past year through the photo blog we launched a year ago. All year long B’Tselem publishes investigative findings, updates, video footage and in-depth reports on a variety of human rights issues in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Our photo blog gives us a slightly different view of life there. The dozen photos below – a small selection of the images published– are a portrait of the past year as it was reflected in our photo blog.

January: Camera savvy – Video-training seminar for women volunteers, village of Burin, 8 Jan. 2014. Salam Najar, Maram ‘Awad and Hibah ‘Umran check out the cameras and look at footage.
January: Ghost town – Tour of downtown Hebron. Row of Palestinian stores on a-Sahleh St. The stores were shut down by the Israeli military about ten years ago. Photo: Sharon Azran, B’Tselem.
February: Stones and snacks under fire – Young men gather near Gaza perimeter fence on a Friday. Photo: Muhammad Sabah, B’Tselem.
March: Qalandiya Checkpoint – It is early morning and residents of neighborhoods left on the other side of the Separation Barrier make their way to work in Jerusalem. Photo: ‘Amer ‘Aruri, B’Tselem.
May: Despite court ruling to the contrary, military trains in fields of Kh. Jenbah in Firing Zone 918. South Hebron Hills. Photo: Nasser Nawaj'ah, B’Tselem.
June: Punishing the innocent – The ‘Awawdeh family home, village of Idhna, 23 June 2014: Two teenage-girls look out the window of a room in their home emptied in preparation for demolition. Photo: B’Tselem field researchers in Hebron
July: Israel: Living in fear of rockets – Home of Marina Rachmilov, 86, Beersheba, Israel, after it was hit by a rocket. Photo: Dudu Greenspan, Beersheba
July: Brief humanitarian ceasefire in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip: “I saw people trying to take a few belongings and get out of there as fast as they could because of the artillery fire. They were also afraid of the ground incursion and because the UNRWA school and the hospital in Beit Hanoun had been hit.” Photo: Muhammad Sabah, B’Tselem.
August: Ruins in Beit Hanoun – This town in the northern Gaza Strip was one of the communities hardest hit in Operation Protective Edge. Photo: Muhammad Sabah, B’Tselem.
October: Burqah is a small, picturesque village, surrounded by fields. It endures severe travel restrictions which isolate it. The direct route linking Burqah and Ramallah has been blocked by the Israeli military. The alternative of travelling on Route 60 to Ramallah is also off-limits to the village residents, the fact that it was built on villagers’ land notwithstanding. Photo: B'Tselem.
November: National Parks in East Jerusalem as means of limiting development in Palestinian neighborhoods. Wadi al-Bustan, Silwan neighborhood . The Jerusalem Municipality is planning the Garden of the King National Park here. To that end, it plans to demolish more than twenty currently inhabited homes. Photo: Keren Manor, Activestills.
December: Children near Bab-a-Zawiya checkpoint, Hebron. Ever since the checkpoint was torched in November the military does not allow Palestinians to cross it, further exacerbating the heavy restrictions in force on Palestinian residents of downtown Hebron. Photo: Manal al-Jaabari, B’Tselem.

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