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May 2018

Life in the shadow of the settlement of Beit El

Over the past six months, B’Tselem carried out a special project documenting how the settlement of Beit El, established in 1977 near al-Jalazun Refugee Camp, affects life in the camp. As part of this project, B’Tselem field researcher Iyad Hadad collected dozens of testimonies from local residents that bring to light different aspects of this impact. Due to the great proximity between the refugee camp and the settlement, the situation in al-Jalazun R.C. clearly illustrates the impact Israel’s settlement enterprise has had on the lives of Palestinians: land seizures, increased presence of Israeli security forces and travel restrictions. As everywhere else in the West Bank, Israel shows a clear preference in these matters for the safety and convenience of the settlers over those of the Palestinians.

The photos below, taken by a B'Tselem volunteer, show what life is like in the camp, with its…