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International Women's Day, 2014

a special project to highlight women’s perspective on the fight to counteract human right violations in the West Bank and Gaza.

Dispossession and Exploitation

Israel exploits the natural resources in the Jordan Valley more than in the rest of the West Bank and prevents Palestinians from using most of the area's land and water resources.

Crowd Control

The report presents the full inventory of crowd control weapons used by Israeli security forces in the West Bank.

Firing Zone 918 - Their home is no firing zone!

What if someone were to barge into your home, declare it a military training zone and evict you? That's the case for some 1000 Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills.

By Hook and by Crook

The video illustrates the methods used to take over land of the Bil’in village for the settlement Modi’in Illit.

One Big Prison

Sience 2001, Israel has severely restricted freedom of movement to and from the Gaza Strip. These restrictions further strangled the Gaza Strip, so much so that the area resembles one gigantic prison.

Means of Expulsion

Israel's attempts to expel some one thousand Palestinians who have maintained the way of life of their ancestors in the southern Hebron hills.

Security forces’ violence harms us all

A short animated film, made by Alon Simon, launched as part of an internet campaign to illustrate the poisonous impact of the norms of violence common among soldiers in the Occupied Territories.

Gaza: An Inside Look

Following Operation Cast Lead, B'Tselem gathered 15 young volunteers in Gaza, gave them video cameras, and asked them to document everyday life around them. Here are the results