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From the field

The settlement of Kedumim

Case study for "By Hook and by Crook" report

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Established: 1977

Population: 3,500 (in Sept. '09)

Land status: “state land”, land requisitioned by military orders, and incursions into land privately owned by Palestinians.
Illegal construction: According to Brig. Gen. Spiegel's database, construction of approximately 59 units deviated from the “state lands” allotted to the settlement; two permanent structures and 12 caravans were erected on private Palestinian land; and a new neighborhood, comprising some 30 caravans, was built west of the settlement, deviating from the allotted “state land.”
Adjacent outposts: 1. Har Hemed, established in 1996 on “state land.” 2. Gilad Farm, rebuilt in July 2003 on privately owned Palestinian land.

The settlement of Kedumim
The settlement of Kedumin. Photo: Silan Dallal, B'Tselem