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Effects of the bombing of the Gaza power plant on the operating of a-Shifa hospital, 2006

Since Israel bombed the Gaza power plant, on 28 June 2006, the lack of a steady supply of electricity has severely hampered the running of the hospital. Patients wait many hours for treat...
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Living in Poverty in Gaza, 2007

'Omar a-Najar, a resident of Gaza, cannot find work. In his testimony, he describes his family's life of   destitution , trying to  get by on a handful of lentils and  the few fish he cat...
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Error: A main street in Hebron "closed by mistake", 2007

The main street in Hebron 's commercial area has been closed to Palestinians since 2000. The army closed all the shops and sealed the doors at the entrances to the houses . Six years late...
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Dispossession of Bedouins in the Ma’ale Adummim area, 2009

Muhammad Khamis relates how his family arrived in the Judean Desert as part of a group of families that were expelled in the 1950s from the area of Arad to al-Murassas, east of al-‘Eizari...
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Report: By Hook and by Crook, 2010

Israeli Settlement Policy in the West Bank B'Tselem's report analyzes the means Israel has used to gain control of land to build settlements in the West Bank. Some half a million Israel...
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Night vigils at Tarqumya checkpoint, 2007

In late 2007, Israel closed the Jaba' and Husan crossings to Palestinian workers, leaving only three crossings for their use: Tarqumya Checkpoint, Checkpoint 300, located north of Bethleh...
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Restrictions on fishing

In the Interim Agreement, signed by Israel and the PLO as part of the Oslo Accords, Israel undertook to allow fishing boats from Gaza to go some 20 nautical miles (about 37 kilometers) fr...
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30 May '10: No-go zones along the perimeter fence in the Gaza Strip

The Gaza Strip is narrow, elongated, and densely populated. One of the main agricultural areas in the Gaza Strip runs along the eastern border with Israel, adjacent to the perimeter fence...
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Nahed a-Za'anin, 2007

Nahed a-Za'anin markets his tomatoes abroad through an Israeli export company. Because of delays at Karni Crossing, his tomatoes lose their quality and are rejected, forcing him to sell t...
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Abd al-Karim Khaled waited four months for a permit to get to his greenhouses, 2006

Greenhouses owned by Abed-el Carim Kahaled were neglected for four months, until he received a permit to go through the gate in the barrier. As a result, the crop was 50% of its size in p...