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The ruins of one of the classrooms demolished by the Civil Administration. Photo: Ahmad Ibrahim
From the field

Civil Administration demolishes two classrooms at the school in the Abu a-Nuwar community

Video filmed by Ahmad Ibrahim


Photo by Ahmad Ibrahim

The classrooms were built last September and served some 25 children in the 3rd and 4th grades. The demolition of educational buildings is one of the means Israel uses in its attempt to expel Palestinian communities from their homes, so that it can concentrate the residents in enclaves and use the territory for its own needs.

This morning, 4 Feb. 2018, at about 5:00 AM, Civil Administration officials and security forces arrived in the Abu a-Nuwar community and demolished two buildings at the community’s school. The classrooms were used by some 25 children in the 3rd and 4th grades. The buildings were constructed with funding from the European Union and the Palestinian Authority at the end of September 2017. On 7 Oct. 2017 Civil Administration officials arrived in the community, accompanied by security forces, and confiscated the doors of these two classroom. A demolition order was placed in one of these buildings on 13 Dec. 2017, and the legal proceeding in their case is still pending.

The Abu a-Nuwar community numbers approximately 650, about half of whom are children and youths. The community is situated to the northeast of the town of al-‘Eizariyah, in an area referred to by the authorities as the “E1” compound. The settlements of Kedar and Ma’ale Adumim have been established to either side of this area. The school comprises two buildings: an old building used for the kindergarten classes and 1st-2nd grades, attended by some 72 students, and the classes demolished this morning.

Last summer military forces came to the school compound, declared it a closed military zone, and confiscated solar panels providing electricity for the school and for the community’s guesthouse.

The structure before demolition


One of the classrooms before demolition