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13 February 2006

Israel has effectively annexed the Jordan Valley

Israel imposes severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinians in the Jordan Valley, which in effect annexes it to Israel. B'Tselem field reserach indicates that, as a rule, the army forbids the entry of Palestinians to the Jordan Valley , and only allows entry of those Palestinians listed as residents of this area.

7 February 2006

Testimony: IDF soldiers beat 17-year-old at a surprise checkpoint, January 2006

Jihad Harzala, 17, was on his way to visit his big brother when soldiers ordered him to get out of the taxi, beat him severely, and used their cellular phone to document the beating. B'Tselem wrote to the Central Command's legal advisor and demanded that the incident be investigated.

2 February 2006

B'Tselem: Investigate Excessive Force in 'Amona Demolitions

B'Tselem wrote to Israel 's Attorney Generalasking him to order an investigation into the excessive force used by the Israel Police during the dismantling of the permanent houses in the Amona settlement.

30 January 2006

Video testimony: They separated me from my land

The farmland of 'Abd a-Latif 'Odeh, of D'aba Village, lies adjacent to his home. The separation barrier was built between his home and his parcel of farmland. To get from one to the other, he and his family have to travel 22 kilometers, which they do by donkey-drawn cart. Sometimes, when they get to the crossing gate, soldiers do not let their cart pass.

26 January 2006

B'Tselem: Hamas must renounce war crimes

B'Tselem calls on Hamas to renounce the policy of suicide bombings, and refrain from all deliberate attacks on civilians, in both Israel and the Occupied Territories .

24 January 2006

New B'Tselem Campaign: Change the Route of the Separation Barrier

B'Tselem launches a public campaign to alter the route of the separation barrier.

19 January 2006

Video testimony: Destruction of an olive grove, apparently by settlers

This video depicts Muntaha Najar, a 55-year-old woman, upon discovering that her family's olive grove, which contained decades-old trees, had been destroyed.

18 January 2006

Testimony: Border Police attak Red Crescent paramedics

Border Police prevent Red Crescent from taking child to East Jerusalem for cancer treatment, assault ambulance crew, 'Anata Checkpoint, December 2005

5 January 2006

Testimony: B'Tselem's intervention stops GSS abuse of Palestinian family

The General Security Service repeatedly ordered a Palestinian family to appear at its offices, held them for hours at a time, and maltreated them. In late November, B'Tselem wrote to the Civil Administration's demanding that the abuse end. B'Tselem did not receive a response to its demand. However, the family reported that the maltreatment had ceased.

29 December 2005

Creation of "Death Zone" in northern Gaza Strip is illegal

An o rder to open fire at any person present in a particular area in the northern Gaza Strip, if indeed given, is a flagrant breach of International Humanitarian Law.