Beating & abuse

IDF soldiers beat Mu'awiyah Musa, taxi driver, near Ramin, Tulkarm District, 23 July 2006

IDF soldiers beat Ibrahim ‘Atallah, taxi driver, at the Etzion checkpoint, July 2006

Israeli Soldiers Use Palestinians as Human Shields during Incursion into Beit Hanun, July 2006

IDF soldier beats Na'im Ashtiyeh and fractures his wrist, Checkpoint 17, July 2006

Border Police assault resident of Hebron on his way to the village of Beit 'Awwa, August 2006

Border Police beat bus driver Fadel 'Alan at when he brought disabled children home to a-Sheikh Sa'ed, May 2006

Border Police officer beats Ra'id Fatafteh at checkpoint, injuring him, Hebron, May 2006

IDF soldiers beat two press photographers in Hebron, April 2006

IDF soldiers shoot 7 year-old to death in al-Yamun, Jenin district, March 2006

Soldiers humiliated Palestinian detainees during IDF assault on Jericho Prison, March 2006