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From the field

Comics inspired by Maha Hijawi's story

illustration: Noam Rabinovich


Maha Hijawi is an interior designer and owns an engineering company in Nablus, where she lives with her husband and children. 

The report So Near And Yet So Far describes Israel's isolationist policy towards the Gaza Strip, which forces women to be torn between their husband and children and their families of origin. The report describes how – in cases when either a West Bank woman marries a Gaza resident or a woman from Gaza marries a West Bank man – the Israeli policy of isolation of the Gaza Strip results in a forced separation between families. Women end up feeling torn between their life with their husband and children and their longing to see the family into which they were born and whom they are rarely permitted to visit. We entrusted five women with the challenge of each illustrating one of these women's stories. Read Maha Hijawi's full testimony

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Noam Rabinovich is an illustrator and a graduate student in human rights and international law at the London School of Economics.