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From the field

Testimony: Two of Jihad a-Nasleh's children were killed in his home, bombed in Gaza City

Jihad a-Nasleh, father of five

I live with my family in the Tel a-Hawaz neighborhood in Gaza City, next to the a-Nada building. On Thursday, 1.1.09, around 14:50 in the afternoon, I was at home, with my family. I sat with my wife and children, 'Ayun, 16, Huda, 11, a-Mu'atasem Ballah, 8, Zeid, 4, and al-Mu'az Ladin Allah, 2.5.

All of a sudden, there was an explosion. Our windows shattered. My wife and children ran outside. I took al-Mu'az Ladin Allah and I went towards the door. Before I was able to get out of the house, there was another explosion. I fell on the floor, next to the door. al-Mu'az flew from my arms. The house filled up with smoke. My wife and children stood outside, next to the entrance to another house.

'Ayon came back inside to look for al-Mu'az, and there was a third explosion. I got up and searched for 'Ayun and al-Mu'az. The house was full of smoke, dust and glass. I found 'Ayon, thrown on top of her brother. She was bleeding and part of her head was on the floor.Al-Mu'az's chest was ripped open. It was terrible and very frightening. It is a crime to kill children in this way.

Around us, people were running, screaming, and fleeing the building. Part of the a-Nada building and the near-by houses were destroyed. Later on, I heard that the bomb was targeted at the military post of a-Nasser Salah a-Din regiments, which was next to the water tower.

Jihad Yusef Muhammad a-Nasleh, 42, married and father of 5, is an unemployed Gaza resident. His testimony was taken by Muhammad Sabah, in Gaza, on 4 Jan '09.