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From the field

IDF soldiers shoot and kill Husni Daraghmeh after he he followed their orders and raised his hands in the air, April 2004

'Abd a-Nasser Hanisha, restaurant owner

Muhammad NasserI own a restaurant on the Jenin-Nablus Road, opposite the cemetery for Iraqi soldiers [from the 1948 war] and by the a-Shuhada junction.

Yesterday [24 April], when I got to the restaurant, around eight in the morning, the area was quiet and no Israeli soldiers were around. At about 12:30 P.M., I saw some army jeeps arrive from the direction of Jenin. The jeeps did not stop. At three o'clock or so, while I was cleaning up and throwing out the trash from the backyard of the restaurant, I heard three or four shots. I rushed to the southeast corner of the restaurant to see what was happening. I had a good view of a-Shuhada junction from where I was.

I saw three soldiers in uniform standing behind a Hyundai van. The van was parked on the road, facing Subhi al-Badar's coffee shop, facing oncoming traffic, in the direction of Jenin. I heard someone shout out in Arabic, "Stop where you are. Raise your hands". At the corner of the junction, near the cemetery and opposite the Hyundai, there were two guys. They lifted up their clothes and raised their hands. I saw the people who were in Abu Omer's restaurant, which is near my restaurant, also raise their hands.

I went to hide behind the restaurant. A few seconds later, I heard three to five shots. They weren't fired in one volley. I went back to the corner of the restaurant and watched. I saw two armed men dressed in civilian clothes standing near the Hyundai. The two guys who had been standing at the junction earlier were lying on the ground. The two armed men and some soldiers were standing about ten meters from them. I did not see who shot the two men.

I went to sit on one of the chairs on the south side of the restaurant. I sat there as if nothing had happened so that if the soldiers saw me, they wouldn't think that I was hiding from them. There was a radio by the window. It was tuned to the local station. The station broadcast patriotic songs in memory of the three men who had been killed in Jenin two hours earlier. I got up and went over to turn off the radio and then went back to sit in the chair. />

From where I was sitting, I could see army jeeps arrive. One of them was a Hummer, and its siren was on. Then some more jeeps pulled up. I was frightened, so I got up and walked away from the restaurant. I went into a field of weeds behind the restaurant and pretended that I was cleaning the area. I left my ID card in the restaurant, which had remained open. After I saw that the army had left the area, I went back to the restaurant, where people told me that an ambulance had taken the two guys who had been shot. They told me that they are from Tubas, and that one had been killed and the other wounded.

'Abd a-Nasser Mahmoud Ibrahim Hanisha, age 36, married with four children, restaurant owner, resident of Qabatiya,near Jenin. His testimony was taken by 'Atef Abu a-Rob at the Suhada intersection, in Qabatiya near Jenin on 25 April 2004.