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From the field

Beit Furik: IDF soldiers beat Muhammad Hanani and bury him under dirt and stones, September 2003

'Abd Malitat, age 40, resident of Beit Furik, Nablus District

I live with my family in the village of Beit Furik, which is seven kilometers east of Nablus. My house is at the entrance of the village that is closest to Nablus, less than one kilometer from the army checkpoint there.

On Saturday, 6 September 2003, I was at home and my wife was on the roof. At about 5 PM, my wife came down and told me that the soldiers took a young man out of their jeep and started beating and kicking him. I went outside, and from the entrance of our house I could see a jeep standing in the middle of the road leading to Nablus. I saw a few soldiers going into the olive grove. I can't say exactly how many there were because some of them were already in the grove. They had with them a young man in civilian clothing. The soldiers were wearing army uniforms. They were beating and kicking the young man.

While they were in the olive grove, I could see the soldiers moving around but I couldn't see the young man. After about fifteen minutes, the soldiers left and drove towards the checkpoint. They stopped near the place were taxies wait for passengers coming from Nablus. I went to the place were I the jeep had been standing and saw the boy, named Muhammad Hanani, coming out from between the trees. His clothing and face were covered with dirt and he seemed very frightened.

I took Muhammad home in my car and asked what had happened. He told me that the soldiers beat him and tried to bury him. He said that the soldiers put dirt and stones on top of him and threatened to kill him. He was trembling with fear, as if it was winter and cold outside.

'Abd al-Qader 'abd a-Rahman Yusef Malitat, age 40, is married and the father of five. He is a manual laborer and resident of Beit Furik, Nablus District. The testimony was taken by 'Ali Daraghma, at the witness' home, on 13 September, 2003.