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From the field

Zeita: Border Police officer forces man from 'Attil to commit sexual act with donkey, June 2003

Nazih Damiri, shepard, age 24, resident of 'Attil, Tulkarem District.

I have been a shepherd for ten years. The flock belongs to my family, and I graze it in the area between Zeita and 'Attil. We have an animal shed in the area, and I sleep in a small room inside the shed. I take them out at 6:00 A.M. and come back in the afternoon.

On one Thursday, I don't remember the date, I took out the flock. My brother Tahsin and my cousin 'Abd a-Basat, were with me. We walked the flock toward the area west of Zeita, west of the security fence. When we reached the gate in the fence, northwest of Zeita, we saw a Border Police jeep standing on the road west of the fence. Two male border police officers were in the jeep, and they let the flock pass through the gate. They also let my brother pass, and told him to continue walking. One of the border policemen demanded my ID card and started to check it. I had a donkey with me and was holding him by a rope. The officer who was sitting next to the driver asked me if I had ever been in jail. He spoke very good Arabic. I told him that I had never been in jail.

After the policeman checked my ID, he took the rope from my hand and tied it to the front of the jeep. Then he told my cousin to unleash the donkey's saddle. He unleashed it. Then he told him to put the saddle on the ground. Then he told me to wear the saddle. I put it on my shoulders, and my cousin tied it on me, like the policeman told him to do. Then the policeman told me to walk to the greenhouses not far away and to come back. I did that several times. Then he ordered me to sit on the donkey. He bound my hands with the rope that was tied to the donkey. After I sat on the donkey, he told me to ride toward the greenhouses and to come back. He still had my ID card. He had me do it three times. The first time, my hands were tied. Then he untied my hands. The saddle remained tied on my back.

Then he told me to ride to the nearby grove. I asked him about my ID card. He told me that we hadn't finished, and that he would be behind me. He and the other policeman followed me in the jeep. When we reached the grove, he tied the donkey to a tree and told me to fuck it. He repeated his demand a couple of times. He also told me to lift up the tail of the donkey and tie it around my head. I told him that the tail was too short, and that I wasn't able to do it. He stood facing me and aimed his weapon at me. The other policeman was in the jeep, watching what was going on.

I stood behind the donkey, took out my penis, and told him "enough." He said, "I'll tell you when it is enough." I was frightened to death, and I couldn't get an erection, so I couldn't do anything. He made me continue, and I pretended that I was doing what he wanted me to do. I tried to look over at them, but the policeman yelled at me and told me not to look, and that if I did, he would shoot me. This went on for about thirty minutes, before he told me to stop. He tightened the saddle on my back and gave me back my ID card. Then he told me, "Ride over to the flock, fuck them, and I'll chase you." I rode away, the saddle still on me, and he watched me go. After I got some distance away from them, I untied the saddle and walked over to my brother, who was on the land west of the fence, and told him what happened.

My cousin and lots of other people saw what happened to me. I have not gone to the western side of the fence since then. I am afraid that I'll come across border policemen again.

Nazih Salah 'Awad Damiri, age 24, is a shepherd and a resident of 'Attil. The testimony was given to 'Ataf Abu a-Rob in Zeita on 6 August 2003.