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From the field

Zeita: Border Police officer forces man from 'Attil to commit sexual act with a donkey, June 2003

L.K., witness, age 38, resident of 'Attil, Tulkarem District

I work with Abu Jihad Abu Gazar, who is from Zeita. He grows vegetables in an area that lies about forty meters northwest of a gate in the [separation] fence through which residents pass.

In late June, it was a Thursday I think, around 8:30 A.M., I was in the greenhouse. I heard the siren of an army or Border Police vehicle, and I looked outside. I saw a border policeman in a jeep checking the ID card of Nazih Damiri, whom I know. While the check was taking place, Nazih was holding the reins of his donkey, which had a saddle and was laden with sacks.

Nazih was with another man. I heard one of the two border policemen in the jeep ask the other man to take everything off the back of the donkey. He unloaded the donkey and put the sacks and saddle on Nazih's back. Then he went away.

Nazih began to walk toward one of the greenhouses. When he reached it, he turned around and walked back toward the policemen. The policemen had ordered him to do that. He repeated this about twenty times. Then they ordered him to ride the donkey with the saddle on his back. They told him to ride to the greenhouse, and when they whistled, to turn around and ride back to them. He did that three or four times. The border policemen were laughing and enjoying themselves. Then one of the policemen threw Nazih's ID card toward him. Nazih got off the donkey and took his ID.

One of the policemen pointed to a nearby grove. Nazih went to the grove with his donkey, while the jeep followed behind him. Nazih went into the grove, and the jeep stopped alongside the path.

I moved so that I could see what was going on. My brothers Bassem and al-'Abd were with me. The three of us saw what happened. One of the policemen got out of the jeep and then got back in. I did not see what he did. The policemen watched Nazih from the jeep. I couldn't see him, but I could hear him. At the instructions of the policemen, he shouted all kinds of things related to sex. The policemen were laughing. Nazih was in the grove for about fifteen minutes. We stopped watching and went back to work. I don't know what happened to Nazih after that.

A few days later, I met Ziad Nimer, who is Nazih's cousin. I told him what had happened to Nazih, and I said that I think that the border policemen forced him to commit a sexual act with the donkey. That was my conclusion based on the sounds I heard. I told him because I was so shocked by the incident. I didn't know [at the time] that Nazih and Ziad are related. I later heard from several people in the village that Nazih indeed was forced to have sex with the donkey, so I knew that it was true.

A, age 38, is married with four children, a laborer, and a resident of 'Attil. The testimony was given to 'Ataf Abu a-Rob at the witness's house on 7 August 2003.