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From the field

Hebron: IDF soliders beat Ziyad a-Shaloudi, age 15, January 2003

Shadya a-Shaloudi, age 20, resident of a-Shalala St., area H2, Hebron

My husband, Iyad Jawad a-Shaloudi, aged 23, and I live in my in-laws' house, on a-Shalala Street, about a hundred and fifty meters from Beit Romano [a Jewish settlement]. The house has three rooms, and we live in one of them.

In the afternoon of Tuesday, 7 January 2003, I was in my bedroom with my sister in law, Nivin, 8, listening to music. Ziyad was on the front balcony. He was sitting on a big sofa, next to the door leading from the balcony to my room. Ziyad a-Shaloudi, age 15, held at checkpoint the same day, in Hebron, The West Bank, January 7, 2003. Photo: Nayef Hashalmoun, Reuters

Around 1:30 P.M., I heard Ziyad saying that the army had come to the house. I thought he was kidding, but Nivin left the room and returned saying that soldiers were really coming. We remained in the room.

I saw four soldiers enter the house through the main door. They came back out and headed toward my room. I started putting on the head cover, and held it with my hands because I could not find a pin to fasten it. The soldiers came into the room and one of them introduced himself as 'Rocky' and said: "Wow!" leeringly. He asked me in Arabic: "How are you?" I didn't answer him. He answered for me, jokingly: "I'm fine, I'm fine". He approached me and told me to say I was fine. I stepped away from him. He and another soldier approached the vanity table and "Rocky" started to call out the names of the perfumes. Two other soldiers went to the tape player, looked at the tapes, and threw them next to the stereo.

Ziyad came in and stood next to me and Nivin. The commander, "Rocky", came closer and closer until he was almost touching me. He reached out his hand toward my face and almost touched me, but I jumped and ran toward the closet holding Nivin's hand. Ziyad stood between me and the soldiers. The commander asked Ziyad why he was standing there and told him to move away, but Ziyad refused and told him to leave the room. Ziyad said that he'd stay until the soldiers left, or that he'd go out with the soldiers and the girls. The commander pushed him to the closet, where I was standing with Nivin. Ziyad crashed into us. Ziyad got up and all four soldiers beat him. He tried to resist and pushed them back. Ziyad said to them: "get back, get back". Nivin tried to move one of the soldiers to get to her brother, but another soldier pushed her. Then the soldiers dragged Ziyad outside and threw him onto the sofa on the balcony. I was standing in the doorway. I was screaming, asking the soldiers to leave him alone. I couldn't leave the room because one of the soldiers was standing in the doorway. When the soldiers started beating Ziyad, Shuruk, 13, my sister-in-law, came into the room through another door and I sent Nivin out to call the neighbors.

Out on the balcony, one of the soldiers grabbed a plaster statuette and threw it at Ziyad who was sitting on the sofa. Ziyad managed to divert the statuette with his hand. One of the soldiers tried to bend Ziyad's hand. Another soldier was pulling his hair and a third was punching him in the back. The beating went on for about ten minutes. Shuruk and I tried to get outside to help Ziyad. "Rocky", the commander closed the iron door leading from my room to the balcony and Shuruk and I tried to open it again. Eventually Shuruk managed to get out and tried to get the soldiers to leave her brother alone. One of the soldiers pushed her. Shuruk slapped him. Ziyad yelled at the soldiers not to hit his sister. He rose to his feet, but a soldier who was wearing a helmet head butted him. Ziyad's head slammed against the wall and he fell back on the sofa.

Ziyad's aunt, Nafiza Bader (Um Kamal), came to the house and tried to help Ziyad. She grabbed his arm, but the soldiers pushed her and tried to free him from her grasp. Eventually, I saw the soldiers handcuff Ziyad from behind and drag him out of the house. Um Kamal was still holding on to his arm.

Shadya Muhammad 'Atta a-Shaloudi is 20 years old. She is married and a housewife, and a resident of a-Shalala St., area H2, Hebron. The testimony was taken by Musa Abu Hashhash at the witnesses' home on January 9, 2003.