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From the field

Hebron: Border Police officers beat 'Imran Abu Hamdiyeh, age 17, to death, December 2002

Ra'id A-Rajbi, age 29, resident of area H2 in Hebron

עמראן אבו חמדייה
'Imran Abu Hamdiyeh

Yesterday, 30 December 2002, I was at Tarek Ibn Ziad club, where food is being distributed. The club is in front of my house, on Tarek Ibn Ziad Street. After I finished my business at the club, I was standing next to my house with Falah Abu Hamdia, Naim A-Rajbi and 'Imran Abu Hamdiyeh. At about 19:45 a Border Police jeep drove up to the place where we were standing.

The door at the back of the jeep was open and one the officers sitting at the back called to us. Naim got to him first and then the three of us. There were four officers in the jeep. The officer who had talked to me had dark skin and his hair was combed sideways. He talked Arabic and asked, in a polite and calm manner, '“Why are you standing here?'” We said that there was no curfew and he confirmed. He then asked for our ID's, looked at them quickly and asked us for our ages. We answered him, and then he ordered Naim, Falah and me to leave and told 'Imran to stay and to take off his coat. I then tried to interfere and said that 'Imran's father had died two days ago. The truth is he died forty days ago. The officer said he won't harm him and that he just wanted to talk to him. I tried to stay with him, but the policeman ordered me to go away. I turned and walked away and after about five meters I looked back and saw the jeep driving away. I couldn't see 'Imran and I'm sure he was on the jeep.

Falakh and I began to walk towards Al-Fakhs Street in the industry zone. It is known that's where they're taking people to beat them. On the way we met Hamza Nabil A-Rajbi, who had joined us. Children hanging out on the street told us they had seen the jeep going south. We walked a Kilometer or more. The street was lit and completely empty. Next to Shahin station, where people fill their gas tanks, we saw a body in the middle of the road. We ran towards the body and saw that it was 'Imran. He was lying on his back, blood running from his nose, mouth and the back of his head. I could see traces of blood on the ground. We had reached the body at about 20:15. 'Imran hadn't moved at all. Falakh put his ear on 'Imrans chest but couldn't hear him breath. We then saw a car passing by. We stopped the car, put 'Imran in it, and drove with him to Muhammed Ali Al-Mokhtaseb Hospital.

A few minuets after 'Imran had gotten to the hospital, the doctors pronounced him dead. He was transferred to the morgue at Alia Hospital and was buried at noon, the day after, at Abu Sneina cemetery.

Ra'id Abd Al-Hafez Al-Mun'im A-Rajbi, age 29. He is married and the father of two. He is a worker, and a resident of area H2 in Hebron. The testimony was taken by Musa Abu Hashhash near the victim's house, at Tarek Ibn Ziad St., Hebron, 31 December 2002.