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From the field

Settler youth throw stones at elementary school girls in Hebron, October 2002

Ferial Abu Haikal, Kortoba school principal,

On Saturday, 19 October, at around 11:30, the school bell rang and the students got ready to leave the school. As they were coming out of their classes, I heard them screaming. I also heard the sound of stones being thrown at the school. I got out of my room to find out what was going on and saw more than fifteen settlers between the ages of 12 and 18 standing near Beit Hadassah, which is opposite the school. They were throwing stones at the school and at the students who were on the street. I asked the girls to go back inside immediately. About forty of them didn't make it back inside and I saw them running away in different directions. The settlers chased them and kept throwing stones. I took a camera that had no film and pretended to take photos of the settlers. I thought it might scare them. They were still throwing stones at the school and the students.

I called the DCO and informed them of what was going on. Half an hour later, a border police jeep and a TIPH car came. The TIPH members escorted the girls outside the school. I walked with them until we got away from the place. When we got out of the school, the settlers had already left.

Ferial Abu Haikal is the Kortoba school principal. The testimony was taken by Musa Abu Hashhash at the school on October 22, 2002.