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From the field

2004 Summary Statistics


From 1 January through 31 December 2004, a total of 927 people were killed in Israel and the Occupied Territories in the intifada.

Palestinian fatalities
Total: 820, including 176 minors
Did not participate in hostilities when killed 452
Killed when participating in hostilities 350
Unknown if participated in hostilities 18
Israeli fatalities
Total: 107, including 8 minors

Security forces



From beginning of the intifada (29 September 2000)
Palestinian fatalities
Total: 3,189, including 617 minors
Did not participate in hostilities when killed 1,694
Killed when participating in hostilities 937
Unknown if participated in hostilities 558
Israeli fatalities
Total: 940, including 167 minors

Security forces


In addition, five foreign nationals were killed this year.

House demolitions:

During 2004, Israel demolished 181 homes in the Occupied Territories as a means of punishment and 1,357 homes on the claim of military necessity. These demolitions left some 11,500 Palestinians homeless. Altogether Israel has demolished 4,100 homes during the Intifada. As a result at least 28,000 Palestinians have been rendered homeless

Freedom of movement:

The IDF currently operates 48 permanent staffed checkpoints in the West Bank. 28 of them are located along the Green Line ( In some cases these checkpoints lie up to several kilometers within the West Bank). The IDF also operates 12 staffed checkpoints within the city of Hebron.

Control towers - The IDF also uses 7 control towers to monitor the movement of the residents below. In most instances, the soldiers in the towers do not intervene. At certain times, a staffed checkpoint is set up alongside the tower, or passage along the road is prohibited.

Physical obstacles - The IDF has also placed hundreds of physical roadblocks in the form of piles of dirt, boulders, concrete blocks or trenches, which prevent access to and from Palestinian towns and villages.

Forbidden Roads - Palestinian travel is restricted or entirely prohibited on 41 roads and sections of roads throughout the West Bank, including many of the main traffic arteries, for a total of over 700 kilometers of roadway. Israelis can travel freely on these roads.


5,794 Palestinians, including 373 minors, are currently being detained by the IDF and the Israeli Prison Services (as of December 5). 863 of these detainees are being held in administrative detention without charge or trial, and without knowing when they will be released.