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Right: Nimer Jabber and his daughter Yafa. Left: Fragments of glass in Nimer Jabber's car

Route 60: Settlers attack family with stones, injuring girl aged 5 in the head

At about 10:00 PM on 5 October 2017, five members of a Palestinian family were traveling along Route 60 on their way back from visiting a relative to their home in the village of al-Baq’ah, near Hebron. Nimer Jabber, 31, married and father of two girls, was driving the vehicle. His mother Raghida, 51, was sitting next to him. His sister Shirin, 28, his brother Yaman, 9, and his daughter Yafa, 5, were all sitting on the back seat.

As the vehicle approached the dirt road leading to their village, close to the Givat Harsina neighborhood in the settlement of Kiryat Arba, they saw a flashing headlight. They thought that there were soldiers there, since a military jeep is often stationed at this spot to inspect vehicles entering the village. However, as they approached, they could see some 20 settlers in the light from the headlights. Nimer slowed down, preparing to turn onto the dirt road leading to the village. The settlers then approached, and one of them threw a stone at the vehicle.

In a testimony taken on 8 October 2017 by B'Tselem field researcher Manal al-Ja’bri, Shirin described what happened:

My brother Nimer slowed down and turned onto the dirt road at the entrance to the village. I saw one of the settlers pick up a stone and approach us, coming really close to the window of the back seat, where I was sitting with Yafa and Yaman. I put my hands over my head and began to scream that the settler was attacking the car. Then, a large stone came in through the window, hitting my left elbow and falling onto Yafa’s head. Yafa had been sleeping and began to shout and cry, but I didn’t see that she had been injured because it was dark.

Nimer accelerated to get away. Yafa kept on shouting and crying. Then my brother turned on the light on his cell phone and we saw that her face was covered in blood. My hand was bleeding too, and it hurt badly. Nimer drove quickly along the rough dirt road to get us away from the area, until we were safely away from the settlers.

In a testimony taken on 8 October 2017 by B'Tselem field researcher Manal al-Ja’bri, Nimer Jabber described what happened after the settler threw the stone through the window:

After I saw that Yafa and Shirin had been injured, I kept on driving quickly to the hospital. When we got to ‘Alia Government Hospital, they referred us to al-Mizan Hospital, because Yafa had a deep wound in her forehead and needed a plastic surgeon – which they don’t have at ‘Alia – to sew up the wound.

I drove the al-Mizan Hospital where the physicians put in about 10 stitches. They used three stitches to close the wound on Shirin’s elbow. Then we went back to ‘Alia Hospital so that they could do a CT scan of Yafa, and then we went home. It was about 2:00 AM in the morning. Since the incident, Yafa has been in a difficult emotional state. She cries all the time and she can’t sleep at night.

This incident is just one of many cases of settler violence along Route 60 and in other parts of the West Bank. The increase in such attacks is partly due to the fact that the Israeli authorities make no attempt to bring those responsible to justice, thus allowing such incidents to continue undisturbed.