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Zeita: Border Police officer forces man from 'Attil to commit sexual act with a donkey, June 2003

L.K., witness, age 38, resident of 'Attil, Tulkarem District I work with Abu Jihad Abu Gazar, who is from Zeita. He grows vegetables in an area that lies about forty meters northwest of a gate in the

Zeita: Border Police officer forces man from 'Attil to commit sexual act with donkey, June 2003

Nazih Damiri, shepard, age 24, resident of 'Attil, Tulkarem District. I have been a shepherd for ten years. The flock belongs to my family, and I graze it in the area between Zeita and 'Attil. We have

Separation Barrier isolates the Zeid Family Home from their village, January 2002

Na'il Zeid, age 32 , resident of Tura a-Sharqiya, Jenin District. I live in a house that was built in 1962 on an 18-dunum plot of land. The land belongs to the Tura a-Sharqiya village, but is located
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10 years to the second Intifada – summary of data

Casualties in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians (29.9.2000 to 26.9.2010) Israeli security forces killed 6371 Palestinians, of whom 1317 were minors. At least 2996 of the fatalities did
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Dark shadow hangs over conviction of Bil’in anti-barrier protest leader

Abdallah Abu Rahmeh, to be sentenced tomorrow, was convicted based on questionable testimonies by minors Tomorrow, the Ofer military court will pronounce the sentence of Abdallah Abu Rahmeh, a promine
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New position paper of B'Tselem on right to demonstrate in the Occupied Territories

In recent years, Palestinian, Israeli, and foreign activists have regularly demonstrated against the Separation Barrier in the West Bank. In the past several months, the army has changed its attitude
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B'Tselem's Annual Report 2009-2010: Easing of movement along with continuation of the Gaza siege and the settlement enterprise

83 Palestinians and 7 Israelis killed in conflict since operation Cast Lead Israel demolished 92 homes in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, since 2009. Home demolition was frozen in East Jerusa
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Israel has not dismantled any section of the Separation Barrier that was nullified by the High Court

The Separation Barrier has not been moved in any of the sections that were built and later nullified by the Israeli High Court of Justice. Human rights organization B'Tselem published this finding tod
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B'Tselem: Prosecute soldier who fired 'rubber' bullet at Palestinian detainee, Investigate the involvement of an officer in the event and suspected cover-up

Today, B'Tselem is publishing a video clip documenting a soldier firing a rubber coated steel bullet, from extremely close range, at a cuffed and blindfolded Palestinian detainee. The shooting took pl
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Precedent: Section of Separation Barrier around Jerusalem Ruled Illegal - near Sheikh Sa'ed

The Tel-Aviv Magistrate's Court granted the appeal of residents of Sheikh sa'ed, in East Jerusalem , opposing the separation barrier, and cancelled the requisition orders that had been issued to build