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Press Release

Israel is ignoring its obligations to the prisoners and the medical condition of the hunger strikers is deteriorating

Palestinian women demonstrating in East Jerusalem in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners' strike. Photo by Amar Awad, Reuters, 29 April 2017. According to media reports , approximately 150 Pales
Press Release

B’Tselem on hunger strike: Israel must meet Palestinian prisoners’ demands for improved conditions

Prisoners’ relatives demonstrating in Jerusalem in support of the prisoners’ struggle. Photo by Ammar Awad, Reuters, 27 April 2017 Even if conditions are improved - Israel will still be holding in cus
Press Release

B'Tselem Executive Director in Letter to Prime Minister: Order the Immediate Release of Hunger Striker Muhammad al-Qiq

Update: According to media reports , Muhammad al-Qiq and the Israeli authorities reached an agreement whereby al-Qiq would now end his 93-day hunger strike, and then be released from administrative de
Press Release

Video footage: Soldiers detain Palestinian five-year-old in Hebron

On 22 July 2013, the Israeli military's Legal Adviser in Judea and Samaria sent B'Tselem a response . In his letter, he addressed the general issue of soldiers having to deal with a complex reality in
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New report exposes ISA’s interrogation system at Shikma Prison: Routine abuse is official policy

Sleep deprivation; prolonged binding; verbal and sometimes physical abuse; exposure to cold and heat; little and substandard food; incarceration in a small, foul-smelling cell, usually in solitary con
Press Release

B'Tselem field researcher Nasser Nawaj’ah released after six day arrest

Judge finds that authorities failed to produce sufficient evidence that Nawaj’ah endangered a land dealer Ofer Military Court yesterday (Jan. 24, 2016) ordered the release of B'Tselem field researcher
Press Release

Court releases B’Tselem field researcher unconditionally, but Israeli authorities still hold him in custody

Update: Contempt of Court motion rejected today (22 Jan. 2016). Habeas corpus motion was now filed to the Israeli supreme court following the state violation of court's order to release B'Tselem's fie
Press Release

Civil society organizations urge MKs to vote against force-feeding

Say no to force-feeding prisoners on hunger strike Vote against the law! We – civil society and human rights organizations in Israel – urge members of the Israeli legislature, the Knesset, to vote aga
Press Release

New report: A Palestinian charged in a military court is as good as convicted

The regular approval of Remand requests turns the judicial process into a hollow formality Remand until the end of legal proceedings is the rule, not the exception, for most Palestinians charged in Is
Press Release

Mass arrest of Palestinian children on their way to school in Hebron – at least 5 under the age of criminal responsibility

Update : On the day of the incident B’Tselem wrote to the Legal Advisor in Judea and Samaria, the Legal Advisor of the Israel Police and to the spokesperson for the Judea and Samaria Division regardin