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Bara', 15, is the only link between her parents and her brothers, jailed in Israel

S.'A, 53 On 12 January 2003, my son Y. was arrested at our home, in Nablus , on the charge that he belongs to Gedudey 'Awadeh [the military arm of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine]

10 year-old Sabrin and 'Udai, 13, miss school to visit brother imprisoned in Israel

R.KH., mother of eight I live in hebron district with my husband and our four unmarried children. My husband, G., who is forty-seven, has been unemployed since the intifada began. On 25 April 2001, my

Israel prevents a prisoner's parents from visiting him in Gilboa Prison

B.S., owner of a medical-supply shop On 28 November 2003, the army detained my son, L., while he was on his way back to Tulkarm from Jenin. They detained him at a mobile military checkpoint set up on

Three-year-old Jihad travels alone, to see his father in prison in Israel

D'.A., teacher In August 2000, I married R., my cousin, who is twenty-eight years old. We got married and I came to live with him in the West Bank . I came from Jordan into the Occupied Territories on

Israel refuses to allow a mother to visit her son imprisoned in Israel, claiming that they are not related

H.'A, widow I live with my two daughters and my son 'Izzat. My husband died six years ago. I work for the Nablus municipality. On 26 March 2004, my son ' I. was arrested when he was at home. He was ni

ISA Agents Tortured M.H. during Ingterrogation

M.H., 29 On 15 November 2005 , at around 1:30 AM , soldiers surrounded my parents' house, threw shock grenades and ordered everyone out. We went out and the soldiers covered my eyes with a piece of cl

ISA Interrogators Ill-treated 'A.M. during his interrogation

'A.M., 22 I live with my parents and brothers in a two story building. The bottom floor has two apartments where my uncles live and our apartment is the only one on the top floor. On 25 September 2005

Hebron: IDF soliders beat Ziyad a-Shaloudi, age 15, January 2003

Shadya a-Shaloudi, age 20, resident of a-Shalala St., area H2, Hebron My husband, Iyad Jawad a-Shaloudi, aged 23, and I live in my in-laws' house, on a-Shalala Street, about a hundred and fifty meters

Ramallah: IDF soliders arrest and beat Palestinian man, June 2002

Amjad Abu Sha'aban, beating victim, aged 21 On Monday, June 10, 02, I was working at the Fanun supermarket in the al-Masyun neighborhood. Around 1:30 AM, I left work because I heard that the Israeli a

IDF uses torture in interrogation of 'Omar Ghaneimat, April-July 1997

Allegra Pacheco, attorney I saw him [Ghaneimat] on 27 May 1997 for the first time. It was two days after I had returned from abroad. Apparently he had told the Red Cross to tell his family not to visi