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Press Release

New Report: Palestinian Cave Dwellers in South Mt. Hebron Still in Danger of Expulsion

Today B'Tselem publishes a new report that warns of the state's ongoing efforts to expel some one thousand Palestinians who live in caves in South Mt. Hebron. The report's findings suggest that, havin
Press Release

Not Even A Drop

B'Tselem Publishes New Report: "Not Even a Drop - The Water Crisis in Palestinian Villages Without a Water Network" Some two hundred thousand Palestinians living in 218 West Bank villages are not conn
Press Release

Knesset Speaker to meet with expelled Palestinians

Tomorrow, Monday March 20th, the Knesset Speaker, Avraham Burg, will visit the Palestinians expelled from their caves in South Mt. Hebron. Mr Burg will be accompanied by the author David Grossman and
Press Release

Delegation of Knesset Members to visit Palestinians expelled from South Mt. Hebron

Tomorrow, March 6th, a delegation of Israeli Knesset Members will visit the hundreds of Palestinians expelled in the past months from their homes in the region of South Mt. Hebron. The Knesset Members
Press Release

Expulsion of Residents of South Mt. Hebron

B'Tselem Publishes Case Study: "Expulsion of Palestinian Residents from the Area of South Mt. Hebron, October-November 1999" For more than three months, some 700 Palestinians, among them hundreds of c
Press Release

Israel renders 53 Palestinians homeless in August alone; 2016 home demolition rate highest since 2006

The spate of demolitions in the West Bank continues in full swing: in the past week and half, since the beginning of August 2016, Israel’s Civil Administration demolished 20 homes and 13 other structu
Press Release

B'Tselem field researcher Nasser Nawaj’ah released after six day arrest

Judge finds that authorities failed to produce sufficient evidence that Nawaj’ah endangered a land dealer Ofer Military Court yesterday (Jan. 24, 2016) ordered the release of B'Tselem field researcher
Press Release

Court releases B’Tselem field researcher unconditionally, but Israeli authorities still hold him in custody

Update: Contempt of Court motion rejected today (22 Jan. 2016). Habeas corpus motion was now filed to the Israeli supreme court following the state violation of court's order to release B'Tselem's fie
Press Release

State seeks to demolish about half of the village of Susiya before HCJ hearing

In a letter sent this morning to the Civil Administration, representatives of the village of Susiya demanded that the authorities freeze all the demolitions planned over the coming days in the village
Press Release

Palestinian village Khirbet Susiya under imminent threat of demolition and expulsion

Susiya reflects Israeli authorities’ policy throughout Area C of West Bank Khirbet Susiya, village under threat of demolition. Photo: Ann Pack,, 15 June 2012 On 4 May 2015, Justice No