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Wave of demolitions in Area C continues: Civil Administration Destroys Homes of 3 families in the Jordan Valley

The Daraghmeh family home in Khirbet Einun this morning, before and after demolition. Photo: 'Aref Daraghmeh, B'Tselem This morning, 20 Aug. 2015, Civil Administration and military representatives cam

40 Degrees in the Shade: Civil Administration Destroys Homes of 48 People in Jordan Valley, including 31 Minors

Demolitions in the village of Fasayil today. Photo: 'Aref Daraghmeh, B'Tselem This morning, 18 Aug. 2015, Civil Administration and military representatives came to the village of Fasayil in the northe

Military again evacuates Khirbet Humsah residents for maneuvers, orders evacuation of three other communities

A family returns to their home in Humsah. Photo by 'Aref Daraghmeh, B'Tselem, 10 June 2015 Yesterday morning, 10 June 2015, ten Palestinian families were evacuated from the small shepherding community

Civil Administration demolishes homes of 4 Palestinian families in al-Mkassar, Jordan Valley

On Thursday morning, 4 June 2015, Civil Administration (CA) officials came to the Palestinian shepherding community of al-Mukasar in the northern Jordan Valley with bulldozers and a military escort. T

Civil Administration again orders Ibziq residents to evacuate homes for military maneuver

Residents of Ibziq. Photo: B'Tselem, 6 March 2013 On Monday, 25 May 2015, representatives of the Civil Administration (CA) came to the Palestinian community of Ibziq in the Jordan Valley and told four

Immediate threat of eviction of a Palestinian community in the Jordan Valley

Update: On 8 Jan. 2014 military forces and Civil Administration personnel arrived at Khirbet ‘Ein Karzaliyah and demolished all of the community’s buildings . The residents have been left with no shel

The village of al-Jiftlik

The Jordan Valley is home to over 20 Palestinian population centers located entirely in Area C. In August 2013, al-Jiftlik – with a population greater than 3,700 in 2007 –was the only village in the J

6 Sept. '11: Civil Administration head contradicts State’s response to High Court

According to media reports, the head of the Civil Administration, Brig. Gen. Moti Almoz, has ordered an end to the demolition of Palestinian structures built without a permit. The order applies in Are

A tour of the Jordan Valley, 20 April 2012

With the publication of its annual report, B'Tselem invites the public to a tour of the Jordan Valley on Friday, April 20 2012 Schedule: 8:00 pick up in Tel Aviv - Arlozorov station 9:00 pick up in Je

Dispossession in the northern Jordan Valley: New settlement outposts as part of the land grab process

In the fall of 2016, two new settlement outposts were established in the northern Jordan Valley. They put into practices methods similar to those employed in other instances of Israeli dispossession o