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Press Release

B’Tselem welcomes new director, Hagai El-Ad

Hagai El-Ad joined B’Tselem as its new director earlier this week. On his first day with B’Tselem he visited the South Hebron Hills and Hebron’s downtown area joined by outgoing Director Jessica Monte
Press Release

B’Tselem’s Camera Distribution project wins Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum award

The B’Tselem Camera Distribution Project Saturday, 1.12.2012, won first prize in the Freeform Documentary category of the 2012 documentary film competition of Israel’s Documentary Filmmakers Forum . B
Press Release

B'Tselem's 2011 annual report on human rights in the Occupied Territories

Sharp increase in killing of Palestinian civilians not involved in hostilities in 2011 There was a sharp increase in the number of uninvolved Palestinians killed by the Israeli security forces in the
Press Release

Israeli Civil Society organizations in the wake of attacks on against activists and organizations

We members of Israeli civil society express our solidarity with the activists and organizations who have been subjected to threats and acts of violence. These acts are intended to intimidate us all an
Press Release

B'Tselem awarded Danish human rights award jointly with Palestinian organization Al-Haq

Palestinian and Israeli human rights organizations B'Tselem and Al-Haq were jointly awarded the annual human rights award given by the Danish PL Foundation this year. The award has been given since th
Press Release

Lift Travel Ban on Human Rights Defender

Shawan Jabarin Unable to Receive Award, Attend Rights Meetings Israeli authorities in the West Bank should lift the travel ban imposed since 2006 on West Bank resident Shawan Jabarin, the director of

Captive Corpses

The report deals with Israel's refusal to return the bodies of Palestinians killed in various circumstances relating to the conflict, thus preventing their families from bringing them to burial. This