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Routine Torture


Kept in the Dark

The report exposes routine ill-treatment of Palestinians in interrogations. The findings, based on testimonies of 121 Palestinians, show they were subjected to cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment,

Backed by the System

Joint report with HaMoked, Center for the Defence of the Individual Sleep deprivation; prolonged binding; verbal and sometimes physical abuse; exposure to heat and cold; poor, meager food; small, foul

Abuse and torture in interrogations of dozens of Palestinian minors in the Israel Police Etzion Facility

Update: In October 2014, only one case is still underway; it included the investigation of complaints by two minors and one adult who were interrogated at Etzion Police in May 2013. The other cases –

Torture and Abuse in Interrogation

In interrogating Palestinian residents of the Occupied Territories, the Israel Security Agency (ISA, also known by the Hebrew acronyms Shin Bet or Shabak) routinely used methods that constituted ill-t

It’s all by the book

Op-ed by Yael Stein, director of B'Tselem’s Research Department, originally published in Ynetnews . In response to allegations that torture has been used against the individuals suspected of involveme

Abuse and torture of detainees are immoral and illegal measures

According to recent media reports , several Israelis have been arrested on suspicion of torching the home of the Dawabsheh family in the Palestinian village of Duma on 31 July 2015. ‘Ali Dawabsheh, on