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Life of journalist Muhammad al-Qiq, administrative detainee on hunger strike for 65 days, in danger

Update: According to media reports , Muhammad al-Qiq and the Israeli authorities reached an agreement whereby al-Qiq would now end his 93-day hunger strike. He was released from administrative detenti

Background on demonstrations in villages near Bethlehem

Several demonstrations are held on a weekly basis in villages near Bethlehem to protest the expropriation of lands and the fact that lands have been isolated on the “Israeli” side of the Separation Ba

Background on the demonstrations at a-Nabi Saleh

Demonstrations at a-Nabi Saleh began in December 2009 to protest the takeover by settlers, probably from Halamish, of the al-Qus spring and other village-owned land. The Israeli military and border po

Background on the demonstrations in Bil’in

Bil’in is a symbol of the popular protest against the Separation Barrier. The weekly Friday demonstrations in Bil’in began in February 2005. At the same time, the villagers petitioned Israel’s High Co

Background on the demonstrations in Budrus

Demonstrations against the Separation Barrier, Budrus. Photo: Aisha Mershani, Feb. 2004. ( ) The village of Budrus pioneered the popular demonstrations against the proposed route

Israeli military bombed the buildings housing the offices of Al-Quds TV and Al-Aqsa TV, 18 Nov. 2012

On November 18, 2012, at 2 am, an Israeli aircraft struck the offices of Al-Quds TV, located on the 11th and top floors of the Shawwa- Husari Building in Gaza City. The same building hosts the offices