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A Death Foretold


The Right to Demonstrate in the Occupied Territories

The Separation Barrier causes severe violations of human rights, and gave rise to popular Palestinian resistance. In a new position paper, B'Tselem examines the army's increased efforts to quell these

Kept in the Dark

The report exposes routine ill-treatment of Palestinians in interrogations. The findings, based on testimonies of 121 Palestinians, show they were subjected to cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment,

Show of Force

The report documents how security forces have denied residents of a-Nabi Saleh their right to protest and have prohibited demonstrations. In dispersing the demonstrations, the forces use tear gas and

Human Rights in the Occupied Territories

The report surveys the broad spectrum of issues regarding the Israeli authorities' human rights record in the West Bank and Gaza Strip over the past year, the 44th year of the Israeli occupation. An i

26 Dec. 2010: Israel bans Palestinian political activist ‘Adnan Gheith from East Jerusalem

‘Adnan Gheith, a resident of the Silwan village in East Jerusalem, is a political activist against Israeli settlement in the village. This morning, the Israel Police gave his attorney an assigned resi

15 July '10: Army uses legal measures to quell demonstrations against the Separation Barrier

In a new position paper , B'Tselem analyses the legal developments in the army's efforts to quell demonstrations in the West Bank. The freedom to participate in demonstrations and processions is a bas

Fear for life of Khader ‘Adnan, a Palestinian administrative detainee on hunger strike

Media reports state that Khader ‘Adnan was released on 12 July 2015 in accordance with the agreement reached by his legal counsel and Israel’s military prosecution, and under which ‘Adnan ended his hu

Kafr Qadum: Military plasters photos of minors, threatening capture on sight

On Saturday, 1 June 2013, Israeli soldiers arrived at the West Bank village of Kafr Qadum. Between midnight and 1:00 A.M., they put up posters displaying photographs of four minors who live in the vil