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Statistics on Building Starts in East Jerusalem

Building starts in Jerusalem 2000-2011 Year Entire City (East & West) Jewish Neighborhoods Palestinian Neighborhoods 2011 2,205 (100%) 1,636 (74.2%) 569 (25.8%) 2010 2,083 (100%) 1,641 (78.7%) 442 (21

Civil Administration demolishes 4 homes in Khallet Makhul, northern Jordan Valley, 18 months after demolishing all structures in community

At 6:30 A.M. on 18 March 2015, representatives of the Civil Administration arrived with a military escort at the shepherding community of Khallet Makhul in the northern Jordan Valley. Civil Administra

Civil Administration demolishes all homes of Khallet Makhul community in Jordan Valley

Update : On 24 September 2013, Adv. Tawfiq Jabareen applied to the Israeli High Court of Justice on behalf of the residents of Kh. Khallet Makhul, petitioning for an interim injunction that would prev

Khirbet Susiya – a village under threat of demolition

Khirbet Susiya, village under threat of demolition. Photo: Ann Pack,, 15 June 2012 The Palestinian village of Khirbet Susiya has existed in the South Hebron Hills at least since the 1

Israel’s High Court legitimizes looting of land in Derekh Ha’avot outpost

On 1 September 2010, Israel's High Court of Justice sanctioned the looting of land and the unlawful building carried out in establishing the Derekh Ha'avot outpost, near the Elazar settlement, in the

12 August 2010: Civil Administration demolishes Bedouin village of al-Farisiyah, in the Jordan Valley

In two waves of demolitions, on 19 July and 5 August, the Civil Administration demolished all the structures in al-Farisiyah, a Bedouin village in the northern Jordan Valley, east of which the Shadmot

25.11.09: Civil Administration chokes Palestinian construction

Civil Administration chokes Palestinian construction For decades, Israel has employed a planning, development, and building policy in the West Bank almost entirely denies Palestinian construction. At

Demolition by the Ministry of the Interior of houses built without a permit in East Jerusalem, 2004-2013

2013 Neighborhood Residential structures Non-residential structures Total a-Tur 2 4 6 Abu Tur 0 0 0 al-Walajah 0 0 0 Beit Hanina 27 residential tents, animal pens and canopied shelters 27 Wadi al-Joz

New wave of demolitions in West Bank: Another phase in policy of expelling Palestinians from vast portions of West Bank

As of January 2016 Israeli authorities have stepped up efforts to expel Palestinian communities from vast areas in the West Bank, with a focus on the South Hebron Hills, the area around the settlement

Demolition campaign continues: Civil Administration and military demolish additional structures in two communities

Additional demolitions since we reported the early 2016 demolition campaign : The Abu a-Nuwar community On the night of 20 February 2016, large Civil Administration forces arrived at the community of