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Press Release

Israeli authorities demolish Palestinian shepherding community in Jordan Valley

Update: On the day of the demolition, the six families received tents from the ICRC and erected them at a nearby site. This morning, 13.1.14 soldiers and Civil Administration officers arrived, took do
Press Release

New B'Tselem report: movement and planning restrictions turned Burqah into a derelict, crowded and backward village

B'Tselem publishes today (Wed. 29.10.2014) a new report, The Invisible Walls of Occupation. The report examines the general effect of the occupation on one village, Burqah, which lies around three km.
Press Release

New report to mark 46 years of occupation: Israel's control of Area C harms Palestinians throughout West Bank

Children of the Jahalin tribe. Israel plans to expel the area’s Bedouin villagers to expand the settlement of Ma’ale Adumim (background). Photo: ‘Amer ‘Awad, Reuters, 16 June 2012 Israel’s policy in A
Press Release

Ten years on: Israel did not uphold its promise to prevent the separation barrier from harming Palestinians

Abandoned house near the Separation Barrier in the town of Bir Nabala, 24 September. Photo: Anne Paq, Ten years after construction began on the Separation Barrier, a new B’Tselem rep
Press Release

The writing is on the wall: Defense Minister must act to prevent next "Price Tag" incident

Anticipating possible settler reprisals to the evacuation of the Ulpana Hill, human rights organizations call on security services to prepare in advance. Five human rights organizations sent an urgent
Press Release

Sharp increase in West Bank home demolition

Civil Administration demolished more Palestinian homes this year than in all of last year. Last week alone, 33 residential structures were demolished in the Jordan Valley and southern Hebron hills In

B'Tselem Human Rights Review

B'Tselem's annual report on human rights in the Occupied Territories, covering the 16-month period from January 2009 to April 2010. The report surveys the events since the beginning of Operation Cast

The Hidden Agenda

The report reveals that as far back as the 1970s, Israel planned to annex Ma’ale Adummim. To do this, it expropriated over the years tens of thousands of dunams of Palestinian land and expelled hundre

A Wall in Jerusalem

A brochure on Obstacles to Human Rights in the Holy City published as part of a campaign that included tours and briefings.