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Testimony: Army demolishes village housing over 200 Palestinians, west of the Barrier, Oct. 2007

Tamer a-Natah, 23 Until they expelled us, we lived in Khirbet Qassa, which lies two kilometers east of the Green Line and three kilometers west of Idhna . In addition to my family, which had been expe

Civil Administration demolishes hut of al-Moher family on grounds that it was built without a permit, near Zububa Village, Jenin District, 16 May 2005

Hakmeh Al-Muher, age 68 I was born in Jaffa sixty-eight years ago. Following the 1948 war, my family moved from one town or village to another until we settled in 'Azzun, in Qalqiliya District. In the

Separation Barrier isolates the Zeid Family Home from their village, January 2002

Na'il Zeid, age 32 , resident of Tura a-Sharqiya, Jenin District. I live in a house that was built in 1962 on an 18-dunum plot of land. The land belongs to the Tura a-Sharqiya village, but is located
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Alongside welcome, albeit limited, improvements, B'Tselem warns that so long as the settlement enterprise and the siege on Gaza continue, there will be no real improvement in human rights

The siege on Gaza: Collective punishment of 1.5 million people Israel continues its siege on the Gaza Strip, which began in 2007. As a result, until June 2010, 95 percent of the factories and workshop
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10 years to the second Intifada – summary of data

Casualties in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians (29.9.2000 to 26.9.2010) Israeli security forces killed 6371 Palestinians, of whom 1317 were minors. At least 2996 of the fatalities did
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B'Tselem's Annual Report 2009-2010: Easing of movement along with continuation of the Gaza siege and the settlement enterprise

83 Palestinians and 7 Israelis killed in conflict since operation Cast Lead Israel demolished 92 homes in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, since 2009. Home demolition was frozen in East Jerusa
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B'Tselem report indicates most West Bank wastewater is improperly treated, endangering the Mountain Aquifer

In its report Foul Play: Neglect of Wastewater Treatment in the West Bank, published today (Sunday, 28.06.2009), Israeli human rights group B'Tselem warns about the danger inherent in neglecting waste
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New Report: Palestinian Cave Dwellers in South Mt. Hebron Still in Danger of Expulsion

Today B'Tselem publishes a new report that warns of the state's ongoing efforts to expel some one thousand Palestinians who live in caves in South Mt. Hebron. The report's findings suggest that, havin
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Knesset Speaker to meet with expelled Palestinians

Tomorrow, Monday March 20th, the Knesset Speaker, Avraham Burg, will visit the Palestinians expelled from their caves in South Mt. Hebron. Mr Burg will be accompanied by the author David Grossman and
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Delegation of Knesset Members to visit Palestinians expelled from South Mt. Hebron

Tomorrow, March 6th, a delegation of Israeli Knesset Members will visit the hundreds of Palestinians expelled in the past months from their homes in the region of South Mt. Hebron. The Knesset Members