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Majed Jaradat, 13, beaten during interrogation and imprisoned for two months

On 13 November 2007, soldiers arrested Majed Jaradat, 13, after he threw stones during a demonstration in Sa'ir Village, Hebron District. Jaradat's testimony to B'Tselem indicates that wh...
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B’Tselem volunteers film soldiers waking children in Nabi Saleh to take their photographs

Israeli Channel 10 TV aired yesterday footage filmed by Nariman and Bilal a-Tamimi, volunteers in B’Tselem’s video project and residents of Nabi Saleh, offering a rare glimpse into a new ...
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Life in a Cave – southern Hebron Hills, 2007

The Rashid family lives in a cave in the village of Haribat a-Nabi in the Southern Hebron Hills – right next to the Separation Barrier. The family made a video tape to introduce Israelis...
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The Prisoners' Children, 2006

Almost 9,000 Palestinians are being held in prisons inside Israel, in violation of international humanitarian law. In hundreds of cases, Israel forbids adult relatives to visit, so it is ...
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Udai Abu Hamdiyeh, 2006

'Udai Abu Hamdiyeh was six years old in June 2003, when he was playing with friends near the village's well. A soldier fired at the children, wounding him in the head. The Israeli govern...
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Police officers assault boys in Jerusalem, 2006

 Plain-clothed police officers assaulted two children, ages 15 and 11, who were on their way home in the neighborhood of Abu Tor in East Jerusalem . The officers beat the two boys and too...
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Gaza - an inside look: War Games, 2009

Children in the al-Maghazi refugee camp do not have many places they can go to get away from the reality of unemployment and hardship in which they live. One such place is an improvised c...
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Gaza - an Inside Look - Fun Day, 2009

(Video) Amateur photographer and director filmed injured girls in Gaza City during a school-organized field day who sing of 'the happy bacteria on the tooth' and promise to stop eating sw...
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Gaza - an inside look: Summer Games, 2009

In the summer of 2009, children in Gaza City took part in "Summer Games," sport and cultural events that were organized by the UNRWA. They played soccer, put on plays, studied sculpture, ...
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The a-Sheikh Jarah neighborhood of East Jerusalem: Police arrest two brothers, 13 and 15, and assault their mother

On Tuesday, 5 September 2017, the police evicted the Shamasneh family from its home in the a-Sheikh Jarah neighborhood of East Jerusalem, allowing settlers to move in. A few days later, o...