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Winter 2017: Living without electricity just an hour and a half away from Tel Aviv

Gazans have been suffering severe power shortages for a decade, ever since Israel bombed Gaza’s power plant in 2006. Since that time, Israel has prevented restoration of the plant, impeded infrastruct

Israeli military imposes 2½-week collective punishment on ‘Azzun’s 10,000 residents for actions by individuals

In late January 2017, the military blocked off vehicle access via the main entrance of Palestinian village of ‘Azzun - and kept the entrance shut nearly continuously for two and a half weeks - as coll

A-Sawahrah a-Sharqiyah and a-Sheikh Sa’ed isolated from rest of East Jerusalem

A-Sheikh Sa’ed checkpoint. Photo: 'Amer 'Aruri, B'Tselem, 11 Feb. 2015 The villages of a-Sheikh Sa’ed and a-Sawahrah a-Sharqiyah have been artificially cut off from East Jerusalem by an eight-meter-hi

The South Hebron Hills

The region of the South Hebron Hills is in Area C of the West Bank, under full Israeli control. Israel’s policy there threatens the continued existence of some thirty Palestinian villages. The region,
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Gas grenades, harassment of students, and detention of teachers: going to school under occupation (video documentation)

In October and November 2017, B'Tselem documented four instances when soldiers harassed students and teachers from an elementary school in Hebron. The school is situated a few dozen meters from the ro
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Civil Administration Demolishes Two Classrooms at the School in the Abu a-Nawar Community

Video filmed by Ahmad Ibrahim Photo by Ahmad Ibrahim The classrooms were built last September and served some 25 children in the 3rd and 4th grades. The demolition of educational buildings is one of t