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Testimony: Students from Tel 'Adasah, near Bir Nabala, can't attned school because of the Separation Barrier, Sept. 2007

Amir K'abneh, 13 I have lived my whole life with my family in Tel '‘Adasah, which is located east of Bir Nabala. I have always gone to the Bir Nabala School for Boys. My two sisters, Zeinab, who is in

Container Checkpoint: Border Police officers beat Palestinian student on his way to university, October 2003

Jum'a Ramis, age18, resident of 'Za'tara, Bethlehem District I live in 'Za'tara, which lies east of Bethlehem. I am a first-year law student at Abu Dis University. Today [October 1] was the first day

IDF soldiers prevent Ghadfa Sawalmeh, from returning to her village of 'Asirah a-Shamaliya, July 2003

Ghadfa Sawalmeh, janitor, age 45, resident of 'Asira a-Shamaliya, Nablus District. I live in the village 'Asirah a-Shamaliya, which is four kilometers north of Nablus. I work as a janitor in the 'Abd

IDF soldiers delay residents of 'Asira A-Shamaliya and prevent students from attending university regularly, July 2003

Leila Jarara, age 21, student of English culture at a-Najah University in Nablus. I live in 'Asira a-Shamaliya, which is four kilometers north of Nablus. Because it is so close to Nablus, it is regard

Hebron: I DF soldiers beat Muhammad Da'ana, age 13, January 2003

Muhammad Shaker Da'ana, age 13, resident of Jabel Johar in area H2 in Hebron I live with my family of 14 in Jabel Johar in area H2 in Hebron. I am the tenth child and I study at al-Mutnabi School, whi

Nablus: Border Police officers beat medical personel, preventing medical treatment, January 2003

Bilal Hafnawi, age 16, resident of the Balata refugee camp Nablus I live with my family in the Balata refugee camp. I go to the Qadri Tuqan high school, which is near Joseph's tomb, on Faisal Street i

IDF soldiers prevent schoolchildren from 'Aba from getting to school, November 2002

Yasser 'Alian,age 32, resident of 'Aba al-Gharbiya, Jenin District I live with my family in the village of 'Aba. I have three children: Suleiman, 8, 'Abd al-Karim, 7 and Samer, 3. The village is divid

Settler youth throw stones at elementary school girls in Hebron, October 2002

Ferial Abu Haikal, Kortoba school principal, On Saturday, 19 October, at around 11:30, the school bell rang and the students got ready to leave the school. As they were coming out of their classes, I

Hebron: IDF soldiers and settlers disrupt school and harass students at Kortoba school, October 2002

Ferial Abu Haikal, age 50, Kortoba school principal, resident of Hebron I have been working as the principal of the Kortoba school since 1995. The school is located on a-Shuhada street, in H2, opposit

IDF disruption of exams in the Bethlehem district causes emotional and physical upheaval, June 2002

'Amer Mahmud, student, aged 19 I am a high school student. I am now studying for the matriculation exams, which began on 17 June 2002. As of Thursday, 20 June, we managed to take two exams. That was w