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Navy crew abuses and detains Palestinian fishermen, Rafah, March 2007

Muhammad al-Habil, Fisherman I live in Rafah with my wife and our seven children. I have worked as a fisherman since 1980, and fishing is my sole source of livelihood. I do not have the money to buy a

Soldiers snatch 'Abd a-Rahman al-Qun, 15, from his brother's fishing boat and abuse him, Rafah, January 2007

'Abd a-Rahman al-Qun, 15 I am fifteen and live in Rafah with my family. About two years ago, I began to help my brother, Khalil, 21, fishing, which helps support the family. We fish off the coast of R

Soldiers force fishermen to abandon their boats and to swim in freezing-cold water, Rafah, Jan. 2007

Amin Hasuna, fisherman There are eight people in my family - my parents, my five siblings, and me. My father and older brothers are unemployed. Only my brother Yasser, 26, and I work and support the f

Israeli Navy crew forces Gaza fishermen to swim in their underwear to the navy's boat, Jan. 2007

Maslam Abu Shaluf, fisherman I have been fishing for a living for eight years. I learned the occupation from my father. After he died, I began to work as a fisherman and support my mother, with whom I

Three fisherman injured by shell fired by an Israeli Navy ship, December 2006

'Adnan al-Bardwil, fisherman I have been a fisherman for twenty years. I learned the profession from my father, and it is my family's sole source of livelihood. I go to sea to fish every day and sell

An amusement park in Al-Badhan next to Nablus was closed following restrictions of movement imposed by the IDF, Nov. 2006

Baslan Al-Fares, owner of an amusement park My cousin, 'Abd a-Salam al-Fares, and I own an amusement park called "Alshalalat", on road 57, the main road between Nablus and Al-Badhan. Until the second

Soldiers routinely delay traffic at a checkpoint in Beit Iba, September 2006

Ahmad Jabour, owner of hardware store I own a hardware store in Nablus . Every day, I have to pass several times through the Beit Iba checkpoint to bring building materials from the quarries next to t

Bakery in Rafah has trouble functioning because of power stoppages, Sept. 2006

Ahmad al-Mu'ashar, bakery owner I have worked in a bakery for twenty years. I worked with my father in a bakery in Jaffa and then my father opened a bakery in Rafah. I work with my nephews, and it is

Power stoppages impair the health a kidney patient requiring dialysis

Ahmad Shabat, kidney patient I live in the Beit Hanun al-Balad neighborhood in Gaza City . I suffer from kidney deficiency, and the bombing of the Gaza power plant has seriously damaged my health. My

Soldiers disrupt work in charcoal plant in Y'abad, Jenin district, February 2006

Muhammad 'Abadi, owner of plant In 1985, my father began making charcoal. He built a factory using a primitive method, by burning wood, burying it in the ground, and watching over it. In 1992, my four