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Testimony: Soldiers fire at Khaled Abu Harbid, wounding him while he is collecting gravel near Erez Crossing, 19 June 2010

Khaled Abu Harbid, 21 I am twenty-one years old. Three months ago, I became engaged. I am a laborer and live in Beit Hanun. Just over a year ago, I worked for a few months collecting gravel in the for

Testimony: Soldiers fire at ‘Abd al-Hadi al-Kafarneh, wounding him when he aided in the evacuation of a person who had been shot near Gaza perimeter fence, 19 June 2010

'Abd al-Hadi al-Kafarneh, 19 On Saturday, 19 June 2010, at 6:30 A.M., I began collecting gravel in the industrial area next to Erez Crossing. I managed to gather about half a ton of gravel. There were

Testimony: Siege prevents reconstruction of schoolhouse partially destroyed in Operation Cast Lead, February 2010

Saed a-Sultan, principal In August 2009 I became the principal of the Abu J'afer al-Mansur Elementary and Middle School for Boys, which is comprised of grades six to nine. The school was built in 1994

Testimony: One year after Operation Cast Lead, the al-'Athamneh family , from ‘Izbat ‘Abd Rabo, is still living in a tent, December 2009

Nawal al-'Athamneh , 59 I live with my family in ‘Izbat ‘Abd Rabo, east of the Jabalya refugee camp. We have lived here for 30 years. We built a three-story building in which my husband and I live wit

Testimony: Young woman from Gaza unemployed for two years, since the factory in which she worked closed down due to the siege, November 2009

Ulfat al-Kafarneh, 28 I live with my parents, six sisters, and three brothers in the a-Nasser neighborhood of Gaza City. In 1999, I graduated from high school and started studying administration, comp

Testimony: Life under siege and bombings in the Gaza Strip, Jan. '09

Daud 'Assaliyeh, father of three I live with my wife and our children in the eastern section of Jabalya, about half a kilometer from Salah-a-Din Street. My parents, five brothers, and their families l

Testimony: Family of farmers lost only source of income due to siege on Gaza Strip, May '08

Wadha Sa'dallah, farmer I live with my husband in a 160-square-meter apartment in Beit Lahiya. It has three rooms, a kitchen, and bathroom. Our sons live with their families in apartments next door: N

Testimony: Furniture workshop of the Hijazi family closed following siege on Gaza, and the family forced to leave home, May 2008

Iyad Hijazi, 35 I'm a Jordanian national and my wife is a resident of the Gaza Strip. I came to Gaza in 1998, on a visitor's permit that my relatives obtained for me, and I've been here ever since. I

Testimony: Israel 's siege on Gaza forces the al-Qishawi family into poverty, Oct. 07

Jamal al-Qishawi, unemployed building contractor My wife and I live in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City with our three daughters: '‘Ayesha, 16, Hanin, 11, and Shahed, 8. I worked in constru

Testimony: Gazan construction worker unemployed because of the shortage of building materials in the Gaza Strip, Oct. 2007

Mahmoud al-Basili, unemployed construction worker I am married and have four minor children. Until June 2007, I worked in construction and earned 50 shekels a day. As of June 2006, Israel started clos