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Maryam Abu Yusef from a-Nuseirat R.C. describes coping with power and water shortages in Gaza

Maryam Abu Yusef at the family grocery store. Photo: Khaled al-'Azayzeh, B'Tselem, 13 August 2017 We’ve been suffering water and power outages for years. There was a long period when we used to receiv

Iman Hassan Hamdan, a married mother of six, from al-Bureij Refugee Camp speaks of the daily difficulties when power is available for only a few hours a day

I’m 34 years old. I’m married and have six children: Ranin is 13, Saja, 11, Arwa, 9, Muhammad, 7, and Ibrahim is a year old. We’ve been suffering from power cuts for over ten years. In the early years

Nibal Hashish, a 37-year-old mother of four, talks about running a household on 4 hours of power a day on average, al-Maghazi R.C.

We’ve been suffering from hours-long blackouts for the last ten years. When it started, we’d get electricity for eight hours and then have the power cut for ten to twelve hours. I would plan the house

Khulud Jaber, a mother of five, from a-Nuseirat R.C., tells of her struggle to care for her family without a regular supply of electricity

I have five children: Iman is 13; Shahd, 12; Muhammad, 10; ‘Abd a-Rahman, 7 and Mira is two and a half. We’ve been suffering from power cuts for the past ten years. In the early days of the crisis, we

Testimony of Basmah Mansur, 48, who was shot in the face on 12 February 2004 while inside her home in Nablus

On Thursday, 12 February 2004, at around 12:30 P.M. – I was at home with my daughters. A few of them were playing out in the yard and I was cooking and setting the table for lunch. I heard gunfire and

‘Ayesha Ibrahim, 36, describes work as blacksmith in Gaza City

I live with my husband and our children, six girls and a little boy, in a rented apartment in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City. We moved into this apartment a year ago and a charity pays ou

Amal ‘Obeid, 45, describes working as a self-employed carpenter in Gaza

I’m a carpenter and have been working on my own for several years now. I was born in Gaza but in 1993, I married my cousin who lives in Ramle, in Israel. I lived with him in Ramle and we had a daughte

Huda Abu Mustafa, 53, describes working a laborer in the Khan Yunis vegetable market

I live with my mother, who is elderly and cannot care for herself, and with my sister, who has cancer, in an apartment in Khan Yunis. For nine years now, I’ve worked carrying crates and sorting vegeta

J.'A. works in Israel without a permit and lives in fear of the police; he prays to get through unscathed every time he undertakes the perilous journey from home to work,

Palestinian workers run through gap in Separation Barrier, southern West Bank. Photo: ‘Ammar ‘Awad, Reuters, 6 July 2013. Click on photo to enlarge I live in Beit Ula in the Hebron District of the Wes

M.D., a certified nurse who works as a plasterer, sleeps on a mattress at the construction site, with no heat or facilities

Tarqumya Checkpoint, 9 June 2013. Photo: Haaretz. I live in the village of Beit Ula, which is in the Hebron District [the West Bank]. I work as a plasterer in the city of Beersheba, Israel. I have a d