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Testimony: Settlers vandalize Palestinian car of during olive harvest, October 2008

Hamdallah 'Afaneh, director of the Culture Administration in Nablus On Thursday, 16 October, around 8:30 in the morning, I went with members of my family to pick olives on a plot of land my brothers a

Testimony: Settlers threaten and drive out Palestinians and foreign activists on their way to pick olives, October 2008

Kafa Shatiwi, 38 I live in the village of Kadum and am married to the head of the village council. We have a plot of land in Udla, about two kilometers southeast of the village and one and a half kilo

Testimony: Settlers throw stones at olive pickers from Burin, wounding Mustafa Najar in the head, October 2008

Mustafa Najar, taxi driver Today [Saturday, 11 October], around 6:00 A.M., I went with my wife, my two brothers and their wives, and my two nephews, aged 6 and 10, to our plot of land. It lies south o

Testimony: Settlers assault Thawabteh family out picking olives on their land by the Elon Moreh settlement, October 2008

Mustafa Thawabteh, farmer I have a plot of land in an area called Aum a-Toyur. The plot lies two kilometers east of our village's houses and three kilometers from the Elon Moreh settlement, which was

Testimony: Israeli navy shoots and wounds Muhammad Musleh, fishing off the Rafah shore, 5 October 2008

Muhammad Musleh, fisherman I live in the Sultan neighborhood in Rafah with my parents, three brothers, and three sisters. In 2006, I began to work as a fisherman. My father taught me the trade and I w

Testimony: Soldiers watch while settlers tie a Palestinian to a pole and beat him, 5 July '08

Medhat Abu Karsh, teacher and farmer /> This morning, at 8:00, I went with my cousins Muhammad, 19, Mahran, 21, and Mulaz, 18, to my farmland in Halat 'Ajum, which is south of a-Samu' and west of the

Testimony: Family of farmers lost only source of income due to siege on Gaza Strip, May '08

Wadha Sa'dallah, farmer I live with my husband in a 160-square-meter apartment in Beit Lahiya. It has three rooms, a kitchen, and bathroom. Our sons live with their families in apartments next door: N

Testimony: Soldiers help settlers attack Ribhi 'Aseiri, on his way to put out a fire apparently started by settlers, May 2008

Ribhi 'Aseiri, construction worker Yesterday [3 May 2008], around 2:30-3:00 P.M., Muhammad Yusef Salah called to tell me that settlers had torched fields of local residents that are located south of t

Testimony: Settler injures Hamam 'Abd a-Latif, 16, while he is held by soldiers, May 2008

Hamam 'Abd a-Latif, 16 Yesterday [3 May 2008], around 3:00 P.M., I was at home. Suddenly, I saw smoke rising from the lands that belong to our town. The lands are located in al-Barajneh, 200 meters so

Testimony: Settlers throw stones at shepherd near the Homesh settlement, injuring him and his flock, 24 April 2008

Mufid Abu Hussein, farmer I have a flock of 50 sheep and goats that I graze on the hills by the village. Since the settlers were evacuated from Homesh, I've been grazing the flock not far from where t