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Southern Hebron hills - soldiers throw Palestinian shepherds off their land, 2005

In a video filmed in August 2005 by the NGO Operation Dove, IDF soldiers are seen violently removing shepherds from their grazing land in the Southern Hebron Hills.
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26 Nov. '09: Olive harvest 2009: Army better prepared to protect farmers

On 30 May 2010, two suspects were indicted for stealing olives at al-Mughayir, a theft documented by a B'Tselem volunteer in the video presented here. Testimonies given to B'Tselem and...
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Olive Harvest of Ibrahim Shatareh Goes to Waste, 2005

Ibrahim Shatareh , who lives in 'Azzun Village, has two olive orchards on the other side of the fence. Elderly and ill, Shatareh is unable to work his land. The IDF does not permit labore...
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Settler saws off and steals branches of fruit trees in Palestinian’s orchard, 2008

The army has fenced off the farmland of Khalifah Da'neh, a Palestinian resident of the Hebron District, attaching it to the lands of the adjacent settlement Givat Haharsinah. On the morni...
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Restrictions on fishing

In the Interim Agreement, signed by Israel and the PLO as part of the Oslo Accords, Israel undertook to allow fishing boats from Gaza to go some 20 nautical miles (about 37 kilometers) fr...
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30 May '10: No-go zones along the perimeter fence in the Gaza Strip

The Gaza Strip is narrow, elongated, and densely populated. One of the main agricultural areas in the Gaza Strip runs along the eastern border with Israel, adjacent to the perimeter fence...
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Nahed a-Za'anin, 2007

Nahed a-Za'anin markets his tomatoes abroad through an Israeli export company. Because of delays at Karni Crossing, his tomatoes lose their quality and are rejected, forcing him to sell t...
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Firing at workers near the Gaza Strip border

Update: On 14 October 2012, B'Tselem was notified by telephone that a Military Police Investigation Unit inquiry has been opened to clarify the allegations in one of the incidents. Ove...
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Abd al-Karim Khaled waited four months for a permit to get to his greenhouses, 2006

Greenhouses owned by Abed-el Carim Kahaled were neglected for four months, until he received a permit to go through the gate in the barrier. As a result, the crop was 50% of its size in p...
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Destruction of an olive grove in the village of Burin, apparently by settlers, 2005

B'Tselem fieldworker traveled to the village of Burin , in response to a report of the destruction of an olive grove in the village.  B'Tselem accompanied the owner of the olive trees to ...