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Statistics on the death penalty in the Palestinian Authority and under Hamas control in Gaza

Year Number of death sentences by PA courts Number of executions by PA Number of death sentences by Hamas courts in Gaza Number of executions by Hamas government Summary executions by Hamas military b

Hamas government executes three people in pseudo-trial that fails to meet any international standard

According to media reports , the Hamas authorities in the Gaza Strip today executed three people convicted by a “revolutionary court” in a rushed trial, without legal representation or an appeals inst

Gaza executions: Taking human lives has no place in law or law enforcement

According to media reports , on 6 April 2017, the Hamas authorities in the Gaza Strip executed three people convicted of collaboration with Israel. Since Hamas took control of Gaza, its courts have im

Hamas authorities execute 3 men in Gaza

On Tuesday 31 May 2016 , Hamas authorities in the Gaza Strip executed three men convicted of murder: Ahmad Helmi ‘Abd al-Qader Shurab , 43, of Khan Yunis, sentenced to death on 15 May 2014; Yusef Muha

26 Jan. '09: Extra-judicial execution of alleged collaborators by Hamas

According to several media reports, since the start of the Israeli attack in Gaza, Hamas has executed an unknown number of residents of Gaza that it considered to be collaborators with Israel. Accordi

Hamas authorities execute a man in Gaza

On Wednesday, 2 Oct. 2013, Hamas authorities in the Gaza Strip executed Hani Muhammad Muhammad Abu 'Alayan, 27, resident of Khan Yunis. 'Alayan was sentenced to death on 16 September 2012 by a civilia

Hamas authorities execute two people in Gaza

Yesterday, 22 June 2013, Hamas authorities in the Gaza Strip executed two Palestinian men sentenced to death by the military court in Gaza: - ‘Imad Mahmoud Ibn Ghalyun, 49, of Gaza: convicted on 13 Ja

Palestinian armed groups in the Gaza Strip executed Palestinians suspected of collaboration with Israel

It has been reported in the media that, since the beginning of Operation Pillar of Defense, members of Palestinian armed groups in the Gaza Strip have killed seven Palestinians suspected of collaborat

18 Nov. 2007: Hamas must prosecute those responsible for demonstrator deaths in Gaza

The "executive force" of Hamas killed seven people, including a twelve-year-old child, and injured eighty while breaking up a demonstration in Gaza City on 12 November. More than 200,000 people took p

Hamas authorities execute three people in Gaza

On 17 July 2012, the Hamas authorities in Gaza executed three Palestinians condemned to death by Gaza courts: Faiz Talab Nassar al-Wahidi, 55, from Gaza city, convicted of murder and sentenced to deat