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Settlers, including head of Kiryat Arba-Hebron local council, harass Palestinian family in Hebron, vandalize crops as soldiers and police officers stand by

'Ata and Rodayna Jaber live with their four children on a hill in an area called al-Baq'ah, about 300 meters south of the entrance to the settlement of Kiryat Arba, near Hebron. They eke out a living

The first of its kind - B'Tselem spokesperson responds to claims by Ma'ariv columnist Ben Dror Yamini

Soldiers taking Karam Maswadeh and his son Wadi' (5 years, 9 months old) through the streets of Hebron, 9 July 2013, Photo: ISM. B'Tselem spokesperson Sarit Michaeli published an article in the Hebrew

Army must evacuate the new settlement point in Hebron’s Old City

On 4 April 2012 the security services evacuated the new settlement and sealed the entrances. Since then, the army has placed a guard on the building. On 12 March 2012, dozens of settlers took over the
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Gas grenades, harassment of students, and detention of teachers: going to school under occupation (video documentation)

In October and November 2017, B'Tselem documented four instances when soldiers harassed students and teachers from an elementary school in Hebron. The school is situated a few dozen meters from the ro
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Video footage: Israeli soldiers beat Palestinian young man in Hebron

B’Tselem received video footage that shows a large group of Israeli soldiers violently dragging a Palestinian young man, and physically abusing him. A Palestinian resident of Hebron began filming the