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City Center

The following list is partial and does not reflect the actual scope of the violence and abuse suffered by residents of a-Ras and surrounding areas. Yet, the list gives a picture of the ongoing violenc

Security forces stand idly by during settler rioting in Hebron

Last Thursday, following the eviction of settlers from the Jewish settlement in the a-Ras neighborhood in Hebron, B'Tselem called on security forces to protect the city's Palestinian residents and Pal

“The Boy from H2” to be screened at the Vienna Shorts Festival

Muhammad Burqan. From “The Boy from H2” by Helen Yanovsky A short documentary by Helen Yanovsky, “The Boy from H2”, created in collaboration with B’Tselem’s field researchers and Camera Project volunt

Israeli military isolates Palestinian neighborhoods in downtown Hebron, making daily life an ordeal

Pharmacy Checkpoint on al-Sahleh Street. In the summer of 2016, the military added an electronic security-check booth and an observation booth and has since prohibited Palestinians aged 16-30 passage

Hebron City Center

Once the commercial hub of the southern West Bank, Hebron city center became the site of several settlement points [very small settlements, often amounting to a handful of families] that Israel establ

Video: 19 years after massacre at Tomb of the Patriarchs, Israel continues to entrench separation policy in Hebron

Israeli security forces divided a road in the center of Hebron, separating it into a paved road for Jews and a narrow, rough passage for Palestinians Since 1994, when settler Baruch Goldstein massacre

New restrictions on movement in Hebron and environs disrupt lives and constitute prohibited collective punishment

As of 29 October 2015, Israel’s security forces have closed off Hebron’s Tel Rumeidah neighborhood, denying local residents free access into and out of the neighborhood. Even prior to this date, secur

Footage from Hebron: Israeli military enables 5-day settler attack

B’Tselem video footage indicates that for five days, from 6 through 10 October 2015, groups of young Israelis from the settlement of Kiryat Arba came every afternoon and evening to the fence separatin

Soldiers Suspected of Lengthy Abuse of Palestinian from Hebron

Update : On 30 April 2012 the MPIU's monitoring department informed B'Tselem that an MPIU investigation had been launched to examine the complaint. On 14 November 2013 the office of the Military Advoc

Video: Border policeman in Hebron cocks weapon and threatens child

Update: On 15 January 2013 the MPIU informed B'Tselem that after concluding the investigation, a decision was made to close the case for absence of guilt. On 26 November 2011, Amin al-Bakri, a residen