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Settlers attack home in Hebron and shoot Anwar Maswadeh, July 2002

Anwar Maswadeh, shot by settlers, is a resident of Area H2 in Hebron. I live with my divorced mother and three brothers in a big old house which is situated a few meters opposite the gate of al-Ibrihi

Hebron: Settlers' gunfire kills 14 year-old Nivin Jamjum, July 2002

Marwan Jamjum, brother of vicitm, aged 22 I live with my family, 11 people in total, on the third floor of an old building in the old city of Hebron, in H2. On Sunday, July 28 2002, I was at home with

IDF tear gas grenade wounds 12 year-old Sari al-Ashhab, July 2002

'‘Issam a-Tawil, store owner,aged 23 I live in the area of Wadi al-Hariyeh which connects the southern and northern parts of Hebron. I own a supermarket which is located across the street from the hom

Hebron: IDF tear gas grenade wounds a 12 year-old in the face, July 2002

Hisham al-Ashhab, uncle of Sari al-Ashhab I live with my family in a house near Wadi al-Hariyeh street which connects between the northern and southern parts of the city. The neighborhood is called Kh
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B'Tselem: Don't make one Hebron settler into the scapegoat

The Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem calls on Israeli authorities not to make the settler, Yifat Alkoby a scapegoat for law enforcement failures in the West Bank . Alkoby was summoned for qu
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Soldiers assault and arrest B'Tselem worker in Hebron

Soldiers assaulted and arrested Issa ‘Amro, a B'Tselem fieldworker, in Hebron yesterday. ‘Amro was arrested while filming a disturbance by settlers in the Wadi Hsein neighborhood in East Hebron. Yeste
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Testimonies: Prior to incident for which Elor Azaria is facing charges, Ramzi Qasrawi was also executed

Update: B’Tselem does not know of any MPIU investigation in the case of the killing of Ramzi Qasrawi. For updates on the trial of the soldier who shot 'Abd al-Fatah a-Sharif in the head, see here . On
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B’Tselem investigation: No justification for multiple bullets that killed Hadil al-Hashlamun in Hebron

Update: On 12 October 2015 B’Tselem contacted the MAG Corps demanding it order an MPIU investigation. On 17 May 2016, the MAG Corps informed B’Tselem it had not received its communication. According t
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“You can take your camera and stick it straight up your big ass”

Kiryat Arba settlers verbally abuse Palestinian woman in Hebron and threaten her with violence for hours, in the presence of Israeli soldiers and police On Thursday, 24 August 2017, settlers from Kiry
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B’Tselem field researchers detained by Israel Police while documenting movement restrictions in Hebron

The Bakery Checkpoint in Hebron, late May 2017. Photo by Siham al-Fakhuri, B’Tselem volunteer B’Tselem field researchers Manal al-Ja’bri and Musa Abu Hashhash were detained yesterday in Hebron while d